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Welcome to Woodlands Preschool!

Mrs Hicks, Mrs Alexander and Mrs Bryan


Summer 1


Welcome back to Woodlands Preschool after the Easter holiday. We hope you had a lovely two weeks. We are looking forward to seeing the children again as we have another exciting half term ahead of us. Even though it is short we have planned in lots of lovely activities for the children to enjoy.


This half term we will be learning all about lifecycles and minibeasts. As you are aware, to help us with this, we have planned a trip to Brandon Marsh this half term. We are looking forward to helping the children to learn all about baby animals.


We will also be having some furry visitors in the form of caterpillars! They will be delivered to the school straight after Easter and we are going to enjoy watching them transform into beautiful butterflies, just like in the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


We will be sharing lots of other stories about lifecycles and minibeasts this half term with the children as well. We will also be continuing with our small communication groups. These groups are a fantastic way for us to spend time with a small group of children so that we can practise listening to and discriminating between different sounds. We will also be continuing with Show and Tell this half term. Please help your child prepare for this by practising at home. We will be encouraging the children to speak in the correct tense and also to speak in longer more complex sentences as we did last half term.


We will continue to develop our physical skills by having a weekly PE lesson and also by visiting the woods once a week.


We will be continuing to support the children with their mathematical skills this half term. There will be a focus on using the correct mathematical vocabulary. Children will be encouraged to talk about the shapes of everyday objects using words such as round and tall. We will also be working with the children on positional language such as behind, in front of, next to, above and below. We will also continue to work with the children on their number skills, in particular counting and matching objects to numbers.


The children will be learning how to use Beebots this half term along with different games on the interactive whiteboard to help develop their use of technology within the classroom.


If you have any questions about the learning this half term please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are really looking forward to the half term ahead with your children!

Try Dough Disco at home! All you need is a little pot of dough...


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