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Welcome to Woodlands Preschool!

Mrs Hicks, Mrs Alexander and Mrs Bryan


Spring 1


Welcome back to Woodlands Preschool! After a busy Christmas term and a fantastic nativity performance we hope you have had a lovely break and are looking forward to the New Year.


This half term we have lots of lovely learning activities planned for the children. We will be starting off by reading different traditional stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Gingerbread Man. Our role play area will be changing regularly this half term to encourage the children to act out these stories. Reading traditional stories is really important for children as it encourages them to learn repeated language structures. Stories such as Goldilocks can also help children learn about size and the language of comparison, e.g. small, bigger, biggest.


Later on in the half term we will be learning about Chinese New Year. The children will be practising how to order food in our role play restaurant and they will be learning the story of how each year came to be named after a different animal.


The children will also be talking about what pets they might have at home and how they look after them. To help with this, we will be transforming our role play area into a vet’s surgery.


This half term the children will be continuing to develop their gross motor skills through our PE lessons. We will be practising different ways of moving such as crawling, skipping, hopping, jumping and running to help the children develop their physical skills.


In the classroom we will be encouraging the children to develop their fine motor skills through activities such as threading, sorting using tweezers, puzzles and playdough activities. The children will also be continuing with Dough Disco. This is a fun activity where the children use a small pot of playdough to develop strength in their hands and fingers. Try it at home using this video clip:


We will be continuing to help the children with their speaking and listening skills by playing games such as simple board games and also by splitting into small groups and playing some phonics games.


Look out for more information each week in our newsletter about our learning and how you can help.


We are looking forward to another lovely half term in preschool!


Try Dough Disco at home! All you need is a little pot of dough...


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