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Welcome to Year 2
Mrs Clarke and Mrs Neale


New Learning For Spring 1


Our new theme will make us think about the following question - What is the best way for Mrs Armitage to travel? Mrs Armitage is a character from a series by Quentin Blake. The main character likes to try out different forms of transport in her books and tends to invent new things. As part of our learning in English we are looking at explanation texts and we will also be writing our own Mrs Armitage style adventure story. In Design and Technology we will be investigating how vehicles move and will be trying out different ways of making a car chassis. We will be designing a new vehicle for Mrs Armitage and building a mini model for her to look at. In science we will be looking at different types of materials and thinking about their properties. We will also be looking at the history of cars and how they have changed over the years. 



Autumn 2


Our new theme is called ‘Fire Fire!’. Year 2 will be learning about an important event in history – The Great Fire of London. We will create a timeline about what happened when and will be finding out about why the fire spread so quickly. Year 2 will find out more about a man called Samuel Pepys and why he decided to bury some cheese and wine. We will be creating a stunning fire picture by blending colours and drawing silhouettes of the London skyline. We will be finding out what happened after the fire and see what changes happened to make London a safer place. Year 2 will then draw a Tudor house and then design their own model house to make our 3D display.



Autumn 1


Our first theme this year is called ‘Food Glorious Food!’. We start our theme off by learning about the different food groups we have and we will be designing a healthy packed lunch. We will also have a fun morning visiting Pizza Express in Rugby. There we will be making our very own pizza and finding out a bit more about the ingredients we use. In our Art lessons we will be finding out about an artist called Archimboldo and we will be stealing his ideas to make our own art. We will also be making some fruit and veg sculptures. At the end of our half term we will be opening a café and inviting some special guests to have a drink and something to eat.


Important Notices About Year 2


We want to continue to encourage lots of reading at school and at home this year. The children will continue to bring home a book for independent reading which is suitable for them.  When reading with your child please ask questions about the book as well as listening to them.  The children need to read at least 3 times to an adult every week. Please sign and date in their reading diary when your child has read to an adult. These will be checked during the week. The children are learning to be responsible for their own learning so we are encouraging them to change their books themselves.  They can do this when they first come into school before registration. 



Our P.E lessons this year will usually take place on a Monday and a Wednesday. Please ensure that your child brings their full P.E kit with them on a Monday morning and they will be encouraged to bring it home at the weekend.  We may have some P.E lessons outside (weather depending) so if your child has any jogging bottoms they may bring these.  If they have any trainers these will probably be better than pumps when doing sports outside.  If your child has pierced ears, please ensure earrings are taken out on PE days. 



We would really like to use our woods more to help us with our learning.  It would be great to have wellies in school all year round.  Please ensure they are named and in a plastic bag. 


Water bottles

We encourage the children to drink lots of water throughout the day.  Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school.  These can be brought from the office for £1. 




Our trip to Coventry Transport Museum

Fun we had during Autumn 2

Recommended Reading for Year 2

Maths calculation policy Year 2

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