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Welcome to Year 2
Mrs Clarke and Ms Dunn


New Learning For Summer 2



How Did Families Have Fun In The Past?


We are going to find out how families had fun with each other in the past. We will be looking at holidays people have now and how they might be different to holidays in the past. We will be looking at traditional seaside holidays such as ice cream vans, Punch and Judy shows and donkey rides. In Geography we will be finding out about coastal features and seaside places. In English we will be reading some exciting stories – Flotsam and The Lighthouse Keeper and others. We will be writing some postcards from a seaside location in the UK. We will also be finding out how our grandparents spent their summer holidays. Towards the end of the theme we will be planning a family fun day for Year 1 and our families.



How Are We Like Animals?


  1. This half term we will be investigating what makes us like other animals. We will be learning lots of facts about animals by doing research.  We will start our theme off by welcoming a little puppy into the classroom.  We are going to ask him lots of questions to find out what it's like being a dog. We also are writing a care sheet for someone who may look after a puppy so they know what it needs.  We are being scientists too and thinking how we can sort a bunch of animals into different groups. We will be learning the names of these groups and will know why animals belong to these groups. We will find out about adult and baby animals and will learn the correct names for them. In art, we will be exploring the fascinating work of a famous artist called Henri Rousseau and will attempt to copy some of his jungle and camouflage art work. Towards the end of our term we are learning to be responsible and will be looking after our very own egg pet! 



New learning for Spring Term 2


This term our topic is based around the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. To kick start the topic we are having a visit from some of our feathered owl friends. We will be able to find out more about these nocturnal creatures and see them up close. In our English lessons we will be looking at The Owl and The Pussy Cat poem and will be looking at some of the nonsense words, doing dramas and retelling the story. We will also be writing an information book about Owls to share with others. Year 2 will become bee and honey experts. We will be tasting some honey and will be finding out how bees make honey. In our science lessons we will be learning all about the different seasons we have and will be doing some investigations about the weather. In our PE lessons this half term we are learning different cheerleading routines and will then make up our own dances with our friends.


New learning for Spring Term 1

Our new theme will make us think about the following question - What is the best way for Mrs Armitage to travel? Mrs Armitage is a character from a series by Quentin Blake. The main character likes to try out different forms of transport in her books and tends to invent new things. As part of our learning in English we are looking at explanation texts and we will also be writing our own Mrs Armitage style adventure story. In maths we will be adding and subtracting and trying some tricky missing number problems. We will be doing some work on fractions and position and direction. We will also continue our times tables challenge.


In Design and Technology we will be investigating how vehicles move and will be trying out different ways of making a car chassis. We will be designing a new vehicle for Mrs Armitage and building a mini model for her to look at. In science we will be looking at different types of materials and thinking about their properties. We will also be looking at the history of cars and how they have changed over the years.


We may even have the opportunity to meet Mrs Armitage in person to present her with our ideas!


New Learning for Autumn 2

Our new theme is called ‘Fire Fire!’.  Year 2 will be learning about an important event in history – The Great Fire of London.  We might even have a special visitor from history to explain what happened during this time.  We will be asking some questions to find out more and hopefully become experts!    We will be doing lots of work linking to this – we will be finding out about cheese and have a cheese tasting morning.  Year 2 will create a stunning fire picture and will be writing some poetry about fireworks. 


During our theme we also will be answering questions such as ‘What makes us proud of our place?’  and ‘What do we like about our place?’.  We will be looking closely at Binley Woods and thinking carefully about the facilities it has.  We also will be considering how we could make our village even better.  Towards the end of our topic, we will be making a model to make a 3D map of Binley Woods.    

New Learning For Autumn 1


Our first theme this year is called ‘Can Party Food Be Healthy?’.  We will be learning about the human body to begin with.  We will find out about the skeleton and the organs and will be learning a famous song.  Then we will learn about how to keep our body healthy with a balanced diet and exercise.  The children will be drawing fruits and vegetables in their art lessons and we will visit Turnips in the village too.  We will be inviting our family members into our classroom to try our delicious healthy party foods we have designed towards the end of our half term. 



In our English Lessons we are starting on the basics first!  We will be looking at Captial letters and full stops as these are one of our non negotiables in Year 2.  We will be finding out about Proper Nouns and will be writing some sentences so we can put the capitals in the correct places.  We will be learning what an expanded noun phrase is and will be using these to make our writing more exciting.  We will also be looking at instruction writing this half term and will find out what an imperative verb is!


In Maths we will be doing lots of work on place value.  We will be identifying the value of the digits within a number and will be comparing numbers using symbols.  Our friendly little crocodiles will be helping us to understand these tricky little symbols – they look like this < >!  We will then be using our number bonds to help us answer some harder calculations. 


Important Notices


Our P.E lessons this year will usually take place on a Monday and a Wednesday. Please ensure that your child brings their full P.E kit with them on a Monday morning and they will be encouraged to bring it home at the weekend.  We may have some P.E lessons outside (weather depending) so if your child has any jogging bottoms they may bring these.  If they have any trainers these will probably be better than pumps when doing sports outside.  If your child has pierced ears, please ensure earrings are taken out on PE days. 


We would really like to use our woods more to help us with our learning.  It would be great to have wellies in school all year round.  Please ensure they are named and in a plastic bag. 


Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school.  These can be brought from the office for £1. 


We want to continue to encourage lots of reading at school and at home this year. The children need to read at least 3 times to an adult every week. Please sign and date the reading section in the reading diary when your child has read to an adult. These will be checked during the week. The children are learning to be responsible for their own learning so we are encouraging them to change their books themselves. 


Spring Learning Photos

Autumn 2 Learning Photos

Our Healthy Food Cafe.

Our Healthy Food Cafe. 1 We needed to take out the seeds of the melon.
Our Healthy Food Cafe. 2 A delicious selection of fruit for our skewers!
Our Healthy Food Cafe. 3 Making our tasty fruit skewers.
Our Healthy Food Cafe. 4 We enjoyed making our healthy cakes.
Our Healthy Food Cafe. 5 We were proud of our healthy cookies.
Our Healthy Food Cafe. 6 Our delicious treats at the cafe.
Our Healthy Food Cafe. 7 Inviting customers into our cafe.
Our Healthy Food Cafe. 8 Singing some fruit and veg songs at the cafe.

Recommended Reading for Year 2

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