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Welcome to Year 5
Mrs Apostol

Mrs Milbourne & Mrs Harbour

I hope that you had a fantastic break and didn’t eat too many mince pies!


I have lots of exciting learning experiences planned for your children this term. Our first topic this term is called Fairground. The main subjects linked with this topic are Science, Design Technology and Computing. In Science we will be learning all about circuits, forces, light and sound; in Design Technology we will be researching, designing, making and evaluating fairground rides and in Computing we will be creating posters to advertise our new rides as well as learning how to blog. We will kick start this exciting theme off by taking part in the Knex Challenge 2018, the children will design their own model and will be given set criteria, the children will be marked on team work, design and the final product. The winning teams will then be put forward to take part in the Warwickshire finals at Warwick University later on in the year. We also invite you in to support your child to build their Automatons on Wednesday 10th January from 9:15-12pm. This will be a great morning of creating automata toys with pulleys and leavers and would also be a great way to see how your children have settled into year 5. (Check out the MAD Museum link below for more of an idea of what you will be helping with)  


Our English work this half term is also linked in with our topic work. We will be starting off with a unit of work on traditional tales, fables, myths and legends where we will be learning more about figurative language such as similes, metaphors and personification. One of the texts we will be looking at is The Tempest by William Shakespeare. We will continue with our work on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG), constructing more complex sentence structures and embedding the use of commas in our writing.

In Maths we will spend this first week revising important calculation methods with hands on practical fast learning techniques. (Column addition, long multiplication, grid method, long subtraction, subtraction using a blank number line, long division, as well as the bus stop method) Please carry on supporting your child with telling the time and encourage them to wear a cheap analogue watch.

Our first unit of work is based on measures. The children will convert between different units of measurements and be able to confidently decide which units to use when measuring different things. (Weight, distance, length etc...)


Your child will have weekly homework which must be handed in on time every week. This includes the Schofied and Sims Maths workbook (One page), 6 spelling words taken from the high frequency list and a comprehension page to complete, which has replaced the spelling sheet. This is currently a year 5 focus and am hoping this will have positive impact on your child’s comprehension skills. The reading homework (the grid with the activities on) should be completed regularly over the half term, there are 8 activities to complete so this must be slotted in to your childs weekly routine. I will collect these books during the last week before the February half term. Your child should also be reading daily and be given the opportunity to answer questions based on the text they have read. Your child should preferably read aloud to help with expression and pronunciation. Please use the bookmark I have sent home for question ideas.

All homework will be given out on a Friday and will be due in on Wednesdays. The only homework which needs to be completed by Monday is the x6 spelling words in the children’s yellow Log and Learn books; they must learn these words by Monday Morning.

Schofield and Sims- encourage your child to complete their Schofield and Sims homework independently, if they struggle with some of the questions they could leave these until the end, then perhaps you could support them with the tricky ones, circle the question so I know which questions they are struggling with so I can support them in class if possible. Or perhaps your child could complete a page independently and you could support your child with the marked work from the previous week so you can clearly see which questions they need support with.

Children… don’t forget to schedule your homework carefully, please do not leave it all until Tuesday night as you will struggle to complete it and hand it in on time.

At times, your child may come home with additional 'optional' homework to support them in their learning and development.

This may be a great resource, web links or activity sheets to support your child or reinforce their knowledge and understanding in a particular area. If you have any queries or questions about this please do not hesitate to pop and see me.


P.E. lessons this half term will be on Thursday and Friday afternoons. Please help children to remember to bring in their kit on Monday morning and keep it here for the remainder of the week.  Thursday is cross-country so they will need two carrier bags for their muddy shoes and clothes and Friday will be rugby so again carrier bags will be needed.


I know the children will work hard this term and continue to develop well.


Thank you for your continued support.


Mrs Apostol


Automata Kits. We had a fantastic morning making our auromatas, the children (and parents) had a fantastic time and really used their creativity and core learning skills.

Year 5 performed their fabulous Talk 4 Writing in assembly this week

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Talk 4 Writing

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Receommended Reading for Year 5

Calculation Policy - Year 5

Links to activities which support our topics

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