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EYFS Curriculum Overview


Our themes this year are:


I wonder...

what is special?


I wonder...

what's in the sky?


I wonder...

what's outside the window?


Our termly theme titles enable practitioners to support the children's learning of the skills and knowledge set out in our curriculum map through their interests. We begin each theme by asking the "I wonder" question to the children and use their responses to plan enhancements to our engaging learning environment. 


Prime Areas of Learning

Communication and Language is promoted through a language rich ethos and environment in which adults narrate, ask questions, model thinking, provide a running commentary, repeat and extend language and give children reasons and a desire to talk.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development is highly valued and underpinned by our school values.

Children’s emotional well being thrives when they have positive and strong relationships with adults and other children. We create a nurturing climate and ethos firstly through listening to children and taking into account their needs. Adults model positive behaviours such as being a good friend and showing respect and fairness.


Children in Early Years follow the same values in regard to behaviour as the rest of the school. These are:

Be ready

                           Be respectful                            

Be safe


Fine motor development relies on children having well developed gross motor strength and recognise the strong links between physical development and the ability to control and manipulate writing tools. Within the environment adults actively encourage children to build their strength, stamina, balance,

coordination and dexterity.  Children take part in activities such as Disco Dough as well as weekly PE sessions which develop both their gross and fine motor skills. This is supported through daily opportunities to use these skills during play.









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