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EYFS Prime Areas of Learning


As part of our learning in PSED (Personal, Social and Emotional Development) we will be completing the 'Taking Care' programme which involves teaching the children about protective behaviours.


We are also very excited to be starting a new programme called Jigsaw where the activities provide opportunities for the children to develop their understanding of positive relationships as well as emotional awareness. 


The children will then be supported in applying the skills they've learnt during their play. They will be encouraged to listen to one another so they can play cooperatively. They will also be supported with showing sensitivity to the feelings of others.




The children's skills in Communication and Language will continue to be developed through opportunities to retell stories and make up stories of their own. Our continuous provision enhancements include a puppet theatre and small world area where the children can choose the resources they'd like to use during their storytelling. They will also be encouraged to create props of their own using resources available in our creative areas. Through adult facilitating and modelling during play, the children explain their ideas and are asked 'how' and 'why' questions so they can explain their thinking in more detail.


The children will continue to develop their physical skills during their time in the Early Years environment and their weekly PE sessions which are planned using 'Real PE'. The children will develop their gross motor skills such as throwing and catching skills as well as their fine motor skills which will include practising correct pencil grip and letter formation during phonics sessions. 



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