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Governor Blog, 16/1/21 –  Diary of a School Governor Part 2

Following my “diary of a school governor” at the end of 2019 I thought I would update you on some of the work that we have done as a Governing Body throughout 2020.

We held our regular Full Governing Body meetings in January & February and I also attended other meetings as normal. These included completing a self-review and assessment of us as Governors, a Woodlands Pre-School Committee meeting, a policy review meeting, a joint meeting with Governors from Thorns Park Hill in Kenilworth, a meeting with the subject leader for Maths as part of my link governor role and a Governor data workshop.  

Little did I know that my last visit into school until the September training day, was the Thursday before lock down in March when I helped to disinfect and clean for the next day.  Ironically our next working together session was to be during the Self Review Week commencing the 23 March which couldn’t take place!

As Governors we kept in close contact with Mrs Davidson and the school during the following weeks but did not meet again until June and we have met monthly since. The meetings have been taking place virtually via Zoom in the early days and now via Microsoft Teams. I have to say these tested my IT skills in the beginning - making sure I could actually log on, I was the right way up and how to use the mute button!

I attended the New Parents Meeting in July via Zoom and was lucky to be able to visit the school in person, which was great, for the Teacher Training Day in September. Since then I have attended monthly Governor Meetings held by Warwickshire Governor Services and a Policy Group meeting with other Governors.  Roger Manning, Lucy Beck and I have held a Pay Committee meeting with Mrs Davidson and a Performance Management meeting with the Head and an external advisor.  I have also attended a Governor training session & had another Link Governor meeting with the maths subject leader.  In December I joined the whole school in celebrating the year with their Christmas Film.

For now virtual meetings will have to do but I for one cannot wait to be back in school doing my Governors role, as I love to do it, meeting everyone face to face, catching up with all the staff and seeing the children enjoying their learning.  

Lynn Jones, School Governor 

Governor Blog – Teacher Training Day, 1 September 2020

I am so pleased to have been able to attend the first session of our Teacher Training day for the new school year, 2020 – 2021. It was great to be back in school after my last visit on 19 March 2020 when I helped with the cleaning of desks and chairs at the very start of the coronavirus pandemic and it was lovely to meet everyone again and put faces to the names of our new staff.

Due to social distancing we met in the hall, keeping the classroom bubbles intact.   The session focused on the extremely important matter of well being of our children and adults. It was led by Mrs Lizzie Sartain, our SENDCo.

Afterwards I was given a tour of the school to look at the social distancing measures and enhanced cleaning routines that have been put in place. We are fortunate that each of our classrooms have their own entry from outside meaning the bubbles are maintained. Corridors have been planned & marked out and screens put in place where necessary. The Art Room is now our Pre-School area with their own outside space and Reception are in the Early Years Foundation area; the separation is necessary due to the children numbers.  All classrooms have been adapted for social distancing and desks are now forward facing. The Music Room is now a second staff room with an isolation area, in case a child becomes symptomatic during the school day, and the existing staff room has had a makeover, long over due!  I’m very much looking forward to welcoming our children back into school and working with everyone again.

Lynn Jones, Governor

Governor Blog - 11/12/19 – Diary of a School Governor

On the eve of our monthly Governing Body meeting I thought I would blog a diary of the work myself and my fellow governors have done in this extremely busy term.


For me it began with a phone call in September, after I had returned from holiday on a night flight arriving home at 4.30am, telling me that school had received the’ Ofsted phone call’ and would be in school on the 18th & 19th September - it was the start of a busy time. I met the Lead Inspector on the first day with fellow governors, Lucy Beck & Michelle Wells and then attended the feedback meeting at the end of the second day again with Lucy & Michelle and also Jamie Brown. We held several meetings between the report being published and the feedback meeting to parents. When the report was published we were at school to speak to parents at the beginning and end of the school day as well as attending the feedback meeting to parents on the 14th October.

The Termly Learning Conferences in October gave us a great opportunity to talk to parents. Governors attended both sessions and for the first time we decided to hand out a short questionnaire to gauge parents’ views following the Ofsted inspection. Thank you to everyone who completed these. We used the points raised from these to hold our first Parent Governor Forum on the 6th November and we plan to hold further forums in the future.


During this term all governors have attended various training courses. The idea of the questionnaire and the forum came from a course Roger Manning & myself attended, which was a joint training session with other schools governors something we both found useful . It was good to share ideas and best practices and to also chat through concerns and be reassured that we are doing a good job. We have also met with governors from Thorns Park Hill in Kenilworth. This is collaborative work which benefits both governing bodies and is supported by our Head Teachers. We have also completed a review of our effectiveness and impact as a governing body.

Myself, Roger Manning & Lucy Beck have held a Pay Committee Meeting and our Head Teachers Performance Management meeting. I attended the Teacher Training Day on 4 November and we have recently been involved in the Self Review Week looking at the progress made on the Ofsted areas for development as well as the continuing improvements we are making in both our English & Maths provision. I particularly enjoyed talking to the children about their learning which was great. As the link governor for Maths I spent a morning in November with Mrs Loxton & the Mathematics Mastery Development Lead. We completed a learning walk, dropping into lessons, and spoke to the children about their Maths learning.


Next week I shall watch the Infant Christmas production and hopefully manage to get to the Carol Concert and the Christmas Lunch with the children. Yes it’s been a busy term but after nearly twenty years of being a governor I still enjoy it and am proud to be a governor of Binley Woods Primary School.


Lynn Jones, Governor

Governor Blog  21/10/19   Termly Learning Conferences

Several BWP governors attended the termly learning conference this evening. It was lovely to get the opportunity to speak to parents and children and hear about the lovely things they are doing at school. We distributed a short survey to gain feedback on what things are valued about our school, how behaviour is perceived at school and in what ways they would like it to develop over the next 3-5 years. We received around 35 responses which is great and will be doing the same again at Wednesday's TLC's before we collate the findings in advance of our first parent forum on 6th November.

Michelle Wells, Governor

Governor Blog - Sports Afternoon - Wednesday 26th June 2019

I spent a great afternoon at the school sports afternoon on Wednesday 26th June.   As the Sports and PE Governor I am trying to get involved in opportunities at school that extend my knowledge of the quality of sports provision in school. 

Having so many children participate and keep them occupied when they are not in a race is very tricky but due to how well the day was organised this went extremely well. The races were all very competitive but most importantly fun and every child seemed to enjoy themselves competing in a range of races.  These included old favourites the egg and spoon race, beanbag race and the sack race.   I helped at the finish line working out who won their race and handing out stickers to the runners up – all who deserved a sticker.   When the children were not participating in a race they cheered their friends and classmates on and the large watching crowd of family members all cheered their children and others to the finish line.  Also a big well done to all of the staff for the organisation on the afternoon which made sure it went so smoothly.

Jamie Brown, Governor

Governor Blog - Monday 24th June 2019 - Review of school vision and how it is supported by school values and core learning skills curriculum

On Monday 24th June I joined the Head and staff for a meeting looking at the vision and values of the school. The head introduced the subject with a power-point presentation and asked for contributions from us all (governors, teachers, TAs and office staff) on the existing vision statement.  She shared some thinking she had done on an updated vision statement and “strap line”.

In an interactive session we discussed the distinguishing characteristics of the school, what our existing values statement meant in practice and whether a draft revised short vision statement struck the right note.

The draft was discussed and suggestions from staff and governor considered for amending the initial draft. The school's Senior Management Team (SMT) will be refining the statement in the light of comments and there will be a further report to parents, and governors on 4th July.

Roger Manning, Governor

Governor Blog - School Self Review Week   10th - 14th June 2019

Governors came in to school throughout the week to take part in monitoring and evaluation activities with the senior leadership team focusing on:

  • Curriculum provision by talking to children and teachers and the curriculum key lead
  • Early Years learning environment review for Woodlands and Reception children
  • Review of how teachers and teaching assistants work together on school improvement work and the progress they are making
  • Data evaluation
  • Climate walk looking at reading and how our values are articulated across school
  • Health and Safety walk with our caretaker

We also worked with the head teacher from one of our partner schools in Kenilworth who held a group discussion with teachers about planning lessons for different subjects.  

Working  with governors enables us to look at our work through a different lens.  It also helps governors learn about the work of the school so that they are better able to make informed decisions or judgements going forward.  One of our governors attended the Warwickshire Governors Conference last Thursday and her input and that of others in the evaluation at the end of the week was considered and extremely helpful.  

Karen Davidson, Governor and Headteacher 

Governor Blog - PTA Summer Fair  7th June 2019

What a wonderful turn-out for the BWPS Summer Fete on Friday 7th June! Thanks to the efforts of all those involved, there were numerous stalls to keep the children entertained, including the colouring competition, guess the money in the jar, a bottle tombola, a sweet stall and Messy Church. Despite the rainy weather, fete-goers were not deterred, and many ventured outside to the donkey rides and the barbecue. It was also wonderful to see so many BWPS pupils taking part in the 'On Your Toes' dance display in the hall.

Thank you to the PTA for organising the fete, and to all those who supported it through manning the stalls and through attending.

Kay Salisbury, Governor 

Governor Blog - New Parents Evening 5th June 2019

Last Wednesday the school held its annual New Parents Evening for parents of children who will be starting school in September this year.  The aim of this meeting is to welcome new members of our community to the school and give them all the information they need before their children make the very important step of starting school. 

Mrs Jones and Mr Brown (who will be a Reception parent himself from September) were representing the governing body and were able to show parents the breadth of community involvement in our school and explain their particular role.  Also there to meet parents along with staff were representatives from Compass (school nursing), Educaterers (school meals), Fun for Kids (before and after school childcare club) and the PTA who raise much needed funds for the school.  Thank you to everyone who made it such an enjoyable evening.  We look forward to working together with our new parents throughout induction and from September.  

Karen Davidson, Governor and Headteacher  

Governor Blog - New Parents Evening 5th June 2019

Last Wednesday the school held its annual New Parents Evening for parents of children who will be starting school in September this year.  The aim of this meeting is to welcome new members of our community to the school and give them all the information they need before their children make the very important step of starting school. 

Mrs Jones and Mr Brown (who will be a Reception parent himself from September) were representing the governing body and were able to show parents the breadth of community involvement in our school and explain their particular role.  Also there to meet parents along with staff were representatives from Compass (school nursing), Educaterers (school meals), Fun for Kids (before and after school childcare club) and the PTA who raise much needed funds for the school.  Thank you to everyone who made it such an enjoyable evening.  We look forward to working together with our new parents throughout induction and from September.  

Karen Davidson, Governor and Headteacher  

Governor Blog - All About Me Parent Meeting with LA Consultant  - 21.5.19

As safeguarding governor, I attended the parents meeting on the new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) meeting which was held on 21/05/19.  This meeting was led by Mr Johnny Hunt, Warwickshire's RSE Consultant. 

I had read the policy and seen the lesson plans before the meeting and I thought Johnny gave a very good explanation about the rationale behind the programme and I think it was well received. 


The programme links well to put Taking Care programme which teaches our children about protective behaviours.  The Taking Care week is taught in the autumn term and has been in place for many years now.   The meeting was well attended and parents had the opportunity to ask questions which I think was appreciated.  As a safeguarding governor with an understanding of the Taking Care programme I wanted to be available to parents and to understand and hear any questions parents may have.   In this way I am then able to share parental views and feedback to the wider governing body at our next meeting.    

Lucy Beck - Governor 

Governor Blog - SAF Meeting 5th April 2019 

A SAF meeting (Student and Family Support Team) took place on 5th April, with Mrs Davidson, Lucy Beck and myself in attendance.

Governors have a responsibility to ensure that safeguarding is undertaken thoroughly at the school.  We undertake a check of the Single Central Record (a register of safeguarding/recruitment checks undertaken for staff, volunteers and visitors) which ensures it continues to be robust.  

We evaluated a report undertaken by Mrs Loxton and Mrs Davidson on the provision for children with Special Educational Needs and their progress.  By reviewing and discussing this data, along with attendance data we are able to report back our judgements to the Full Governing Body.  

We also reviewed the introduction of the new RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) Policy. A governor (Mrs Beck) will be attending the workshop led by Mr J Hunt from the Local Authority on Tuesday 21st May 2019.  Mrs Beck will be happy to talk to parents about the new policy then alongside members of staff.  

Kay Salisbury, Governor

Governor Blog - Monitoring and Evaluation Morning  1st April 2019

Along with my fellow governors,  Roger  Manning, Lucy Beck and Andrea Lawson we held a monitoring morning with Mrs Davidson to look at cross curricular learning evidence and application of English and Maths in other subjects. We started by speaking with a group of pupils from Years  4 and 5 asking them about core learning skills and their knowledge of them. We asked them about the links between our school values, the curriculum and learning, how they apply them and the impact of our values when followed. Their pleasure in being able to give us examples of applying our values was good to see and hear about. I was particularly impressed with their language used and their confidence and enjoyment to be able to speak to us about this. We then completed a book trawl for each year group to look for the evidence of the cross curricular learning and evaluated our findings for feedback to the governing body.

Lynn Jones, Governor

Governor Blog – SMT Meeting 20th March 2019

I attended the Senior Management Team meeting to look at ways we can support our staff, teachers and senior leaders with the ever increasing workload and challenges that face our school community. We met with a provider who offers a therapeutic support and counselling service that can be tailored specifically for our school. This will be discussed in more detail at our next governing body meeting.

Lynn Jones, Governor

Governor Blog - Core Learning Skills Lesson Visit - 8th March 2019

I went into Year 5's core skills lesson on Friday. This was being taught along side a PHSE lesson. Core skills lessons are such that they can often be incorporated into another lesson. The theme of this term's core skills lessons are ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’, which teaches children to gain a better understanding of themselves and of other people. 
The focus of the children's learning was ‘Predicting how I might react to a particular situation’
They looked at the emotion 'Embarrassment'. They also did a bit of whole class discussion,  and role play acting out a scenario and solution. 
The children were very well behaved and engaged. They particularly enjoyed the role play. I left them writing up their scenarios in their theme books. 
Thank you Year 5 and Miss Fowler. 

Lucy Beck, Governor 

Governor Blog – Maths Mastery Morning 4th February 2019

As part of my role as the new link governor for maths I spent this morning in school to see the Maths Mastery lessons in Reception and Years 3, 4 & 5. Whilst I have been in to school to see maths lessons in the past, this is the first time that I have seen Maths Mastery in action.  I was very pleased to see all the children engaged in their learning and having fun at the same time. The key principles of Maths Mastery are conceptual understanding, mathematical thinking and language and communication and I saw all of these being embedded this morning. The lessons were structured into sections including ‘New Learning’, ‘Talk Tasks’, ‘Develop Learning’ and ‘Independent Learning’.  As children moved from one section of the lesson to the next the children practised multiplication tables. These slots of time are called ‘Transitions’ and are used to reinforce mathematical fluency. I even had a reminder of Roman Numerals in Year 5 as well!

I’d like to thank Mrs Loxton for organising the morning and the class teachers and the children for welcoming me into their lessons and sharing their learning of maths with me.

Lynn Jones, Maths Link Governor

Governor Blog - Governor impact evaluation 25th January 2019
Mr Manning, Mrs Jones and Mr Brown completed with Mrs Davidson an evaluation of the impact of the governing body.   This was a useful exercise which we shall share with the rest of the governors at the next FGB meeting. We will then upload a summary on this page of the website.  

Lucy Beck, Governor

Governor Blog - Data Workshop 22nd January 2019
Mr Manning, Mrs Jones and myself joined with the head and deputy head to look in depth at the school data for the end of the Autumn Term. We looked at data for reading, writing and maths for all pupils and broke this down further, looking at vulnerable groups, and gender differences.

Lucy Beck, Governor

Governor Blog - Full Governor meeting 17th January 2019
We had a very productive FGB meeting tonight. Not least because we welcomed two new governors, Vicki Partridge and Andrea Lawson who will both be co-opted governors.  We also assigned new Link Governors for Literacy and Maths. 

Lucy Beck, Governor 

Governor Blog - Monitoring Morning 17th January 2019


As part of the governing body’s responsibility for the strategic management of the school and to hold its leaders to account, myself and fellow governors, Roger Manning, Lucy Beck, Michelle Wells & Jamie Brown, spent the morning in school looking at the Leadership & Management of BWPS. Between us we met with five groups of identified staff to ask questions about the impact of their role and the support they receive. Evaluations were then made and discussed as a group to give us a greater understanding of leadership roles within the school and for us as governors to make an overall assessment of the quality of leadership and management.

Lynn Jones, Governor

Governor Blog - Link Governors for English and maths 

I have the pleasure to say that Michelle Wells and I have been appointed as the link governors for English and Lynn Jones has been appointed as the link governor for maths. This is a positive move towards making sure the governors have a connection with the subject leaders and we are looking forward to learning more about the educational and functional impact.

Zoe Turner-Shepherd, Governor

Governor Blog - Monitoring staff Training Day 7th January 2019

I attended the first session of the Teacher Training Day following an invitation to the governing body. It was great to see all the staff after the Christmas break and I was made to feel very welcome as always. We looked at the school’s vision going forward and reflected on our own values and also those of the school and how they intertwine with each other. The school’s values GROW – Generosity, Responsibility, Optimism & Wisdom were expanded on during joint discussions. We also looked at issues affecting the school including the financial difficulties we are facing – a particular interest for me within the governing body. Safeguarding, Health & Safety and Data followed with group discussions. A Health & Safety Walk will be completed by governors this term. My thanks go to all staff who worked either at home or in school during their holidays to ensure the best possible outcomes for all pupils.

Lynn Jones, Governor

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