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Governor Impact

The Governing Body have a specific responsibilities to perform and these are reviewed in terms of the impact governors have had over each academic year.  

Governors’ Self Review Statement

Reviewed February 2021

Core functions

What we have done

What impact we have had

Vision and strategic direction of the school

  • Governors worked with the school staff, parents and some pupils to identify and set our school values. 
  • Governors work with the staff at training events and attend Termly Learning Conferences to meet and talk to parents.
  • Governors hold Parent Forum Meetings to review and discuss with parents items for consultation such as behaviour policy.
  • Governors work in school on governor monitoring visits and also to work with staff and the Headteacher.  This work includes helping out with subject leader monitoring activities, talking to pupils, observing lessons and attending a range of meetings. 
  • Governors review the schools Improvement Plan at full governors meetings, looking at progress made on school priorities and evaluating the strategic work on the plan.
  • Governors at Binley Woods have meetings with governors from other schools.
  • The school values are strong and inform the culture of the school and the curriculum. 
  • Governors’ good understanding of the issues the school faces, enables them to support the strategic direction of the school. 
  • Sharing the work of governors with parents via blogging on the website enables parents to see the breadth of governors’ role in school, the impact they have and their commitment to its future success.
  • Governors’ work with the staff team is valued by the school and enables governors to take a constructive role in discussions and make informed decisions at governors meetings.
  • Attendance at training and meetings with governors from local schools enables the Full Governing Body to keep up to date with the national and local educational agenda ensuring they can support the HT effectively make the best choices and decisions for our school.

Holding the HT to account for educational performance

  • Governors monitor the School Improvement Plan and are directly involved in the decision making of the strategic section of the SIP and review of school priorities.
  • Governors are invited to and attend some staff development meetings, senior management meetings and training days to enable them to be involved in the work of the school. Identified governors also attend finance meetings and student and family support meetings (SAF meetings) with the HT.
  • Governors review the school and national performance data at full governing body (FGB) meetings and receive a termly report from the HT.  They also monitor the performance data of cohorts in school currently.  Governors undertake a termly morning of monitoring with the leadership team which includes lesson visits, interviews of subject leaders and children and review of work.  Governors meet with subject leaders or for those who can’t, have email contact to discuss the progress of priorities they are responsible for on the SIP.


  • Taking opportunities to work in school ensures governors are informed and able to hold the leadership team to account more effectively.
  • Working relationship with staff increases accountability and allows governors to question and challenge subject leaders constructively.
  • Respectful challenge is developed by getting a clearer understanding of the complexity of the working practice in school.
  • At FGB meetings governors’ discussion and questioning of the HT ensures the work of the leadership team is effective and focused on the correct improvement priorities.  Monitoring mornings enable governors to see the school in action and consider its effectiveness against defined outcomes.  Feedback feeds into school action planning.
  • Governors are aware of levels of SEND and characteristics of cohorts that might affect outcomes, and can and do question HT on what is being done to address this.

Expenditure of financial resources

  • A governor attends financial benchmarking meetings to compare the school’s expenditure with similar schools.
  • A governor attends finance meetings with HT and LA finance officer to monitor income and expenditure.
  • Governors invited MP to school to discuss financial situations of schools.
  • Governors monitor the expenditure and impact of the Pupil Premium for disadvantaged children and the Sports Grant.
  • Governors review the financial practice in the school through the Schools Financial Value Standards
  • Governors are responsible for approving the school budget at FGB
  • Governors are well informed about the school’s financial situation and issues it faces which supports decision making.
  • FGB includes governors from a financial and business background which provides the knowledge and expertise needed to focus concisely on specific financial issues which informs decision making.
  • Financial understanding of the governing body ensures governors are able to contribute effectively to budget setting.
  • Governors understand how pupil premium grant is used to support outcomes and provision.  This then enables governors to evaluation its impact. 
  • Governors check how sports premium is spent and can measure the impact of this funding to achieve the 5 key indicators.


FGB – Full Governing Body, HT – Head teacher, LA – Local Authority, SEND – Special Educational Needs and Disability,

SIP – School Improvement Plan  

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