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Implementation of History


To ensure high standards of teaching and learning in history, we implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout the whole school. Learning in Preschool and Reception is planned using Development Matters and learning in KS1 and KS2 is based on The National Curriculum.  We also use principles from ‘The Learning Challenge Curriculum’ where History is a ‘driver’ for themes in KS1 and KS2. The knowledge, skills and understanding that children need to learn is detailed in our long term planning. The historical skills of chronological understanding, knowledge and interpretation and historical enquiry are clearly defined with expectations for each year group.  Planning builds on previous knowledge and skills and ensures that learning opportunities enable children to develop understanding of history. We assess History through ongoing formative assessment which reviews progress through review of work, quizzes, detail in writing and use of vocabulary and language to articulate ideas and concepts which build over the time the unit is taught.  


The History curriculum is also enriched by educational visits to local museums and historical sites. These experiences enable the children to develop their historical understanding in a different context.


Our Humanities Long Term Planning:


Year Group 

Autumn Term  Spring TermSummer Term 
ReceptionI Wonder... What is Special?I Wonder...What's in the Sky?I Wonder... What's Outside the Window?
Year 1History: Do I play with the same toys my grandparent's did?Geography:  What is it like here?  

Geography:  Why can’t penguins live near the Equator?  

History Strand: Lives of significant people 

Year 2History:  What do we know about the Victorians and the way they lived? Geography:  What is similar and different about England and Kenya? 

History:  What made the fire of 1666 great? 

Includes a geographical strand.

Year 3History: Who first lived in Britain?  Geography:  How do natural disasters impact the peoples of the world? History:  Why are the achievements of Ancient Greece important today?  Includes a geographical strand
Year 4History: Who were the Romans and what did we learn from them? Geography:  Why are most of the world’s cities located by rivers? History: What are the ancient and modern wonders of Egypt?  Includes a geographical strand
Year 5

History: Who invaded Britain after the Romans left? 

Includes a geographical strand

Geography:  Why should the rainforests matter to all of us? History:  Were Elizabethan Times all banquets and fun? 
Year 6

History:  What should we remember from when the world was at war?

Includes a geographical strand

Geography: Why has Brazil got one of the world’s fastest growing economies?  History:  Should Britain be proud of its past? 


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