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Philosophy for Children

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Philosophy for Children 


Philosophy for Children is a movement which endeavours to teach young children reasoning skills and the ability to think an idea through and argue their point of view.  Through the creation of a community of enquiry, children listen to the views of others while they form their own ideas. They all have an opportunity to share their own views and explain and justify them in a supportive environment.  Games are played to support the children to choose and have a point of view. Enquiries are based on philosophical issues the children can relate to, for example in current affairs or situations at school or with friends and family.  


Philosophy for children supports the children to develop a view point and to consider right and wrong.  It also helps our children to understand that people across the world, and in their own class, have different views depending on their own experiences.  


This work within school supports children's understanding of themselves as young people growing up in the world, and along with our key curriculum principles and our school values, it helps them to start developing and understanding what their own set of values are.  


We have undertaken training with the Philosophy Man and use his weekly enquiries or what is currently relevant to the children from world events or current affairs or from within school to set our own.  

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