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We work with a company called SEND Supported at school and they are releasing newsletters each week offering support and guidance to parents of children who many have additional needs in school. Please find below a link to these newsletters:

There are also lots of other resources and information available on their website. The 'Things to do Issue 2 - Resources' file has some lovely activities for all children regardless of whether they have additional needs or not. There are lots of great visual puzzles and games for children to play so please have a look if you can. There are also resources available now to support with developing children's memory skills in 'Thing to do Issue 3 - Resources.'

Hello Reception! Each week we will be uploading activities for you to complete in the section below on the website. There are lots of lovely links as well to activities and games you might like to try. The learning explanation might reference the School Blog (Reception's page) or the Video Resource Centre. These can both be found under the Children section of the website. Please visit these areas and watch the videos or comment on the Blog. We would really love to hear from you! You can even upload pictures of the work you have completed so that you can share it with your teachers.

This week's learning: wk beg 13th July


We are not setting any Phonics, English or Maths work this week but instead are asking children to spend the week reflecting on the year they've had and thinking about the year ahead. We have saved a Transition Learning Project below which has daily activities you can do at home.


Mrs Norwood, Mrs Faulkner and Mrs John would like to say a big well done to all of the Reception children for all of their super learning both at home and school. We would also like to say thank you to all parents and carers for their hard work and continuing support.


We wish everyone a happy and safe summer holiday smiley




Learning from previous weeks:

Literacy Links

Watch the Alphablocks episodes to help you with your letters and sounds. 


Listen to stories on CBeebies Radio.


Mr Thorne's Phonics videos are great for helping you to remember all the sounds we have been learning.  


Use this website to play lots of phonics games. You can access it for free at the moment using the username march20 and the password home.


A great website with lots of fun games and activities linked to Literacy skills.


You need to create a log in to use this site but it has lots of free book banded books that you can read at home. There are also games and questions linked to some of the books. 









Maths Links

We play these games at school with the children. 


You can access Numberblocks videos and games here. 


A great website with lots of Maths games for young children.


We currently have access to Numbots which is a story based Maths game. Your child was sent home with a username and password recently. 

Other curriculum links

If you have some dough at home practise your fine motor skills along to this song!


An app with activities for young children. It is currently free to access. 


A fantastic resource that we use in school. The log in information is contained in the home learning letter which you can find further down the page.


Activities to help your child keep active at home. 


Activities for children between the ages of 0 and 5. 


Joe Wicks is running free PE sessions for children to access Monday to Friday at 9am. 


We use REAL PE in school. You should have received a letter emailed out with log in information on Monday 23rd March so that you can access these resources at home.


A range of outdoor learning activities and information. 

Use these links to help you with your home learning activities. There are lots of fun games and activities to try out!

Use these resources if your child is experiencing any worries about the Coronavirus.

Letter regarding learning at home

Weekly Letters

Reception Class

Mrs Faulkner, Mrs Loxton and Mrs John


Welcome to all of our new Reception children and their parents and carers! We are really excited to meet all the children again this week and for them to start their school journey with us. 


We have lots of exciting activities planned this half term. This website page will be updated regularly so please check back as we will often post photographs of what we have been doing and there will be notices and updates posted on here. We will also provide links to resources as well as electronic copies of our weekly letters. These weekly letters will stay on the website for two weeks each before they are removed. We also send home a termly information letter which will be uploaded onto the website. If you do have any questions please come and see us at the end of the day or speak to Mrs John on the door in the morning. 


Please remember to let us know if someone different if picking your child up at the end of the day. You can either do this in the morning when you drop your child off or you can phone the school directly to let us know. 


Our Learning this half term...


Spring Term 2

This half term our topic is...



Welcome back to Reception after our February Half Term break. We hope you had a lovely holiday and are looking forward to the term ahead. We have lots of exciting activities and learning planned for the children, including another Sharing Afternoon towards the end of the half term to help celebrate Easter arriving.


We are starting off this term by continuing our learning all about wild animals. The role play area in our classroom will continue to be a zoo. The children are really enjoying making their own tickets to go and see the wild animals and they are also enjoying taking on the different roles that you might find in a zoo, such as zoo keeper and ticket seller. We will be thinking in the first week back about how we can keep animals safe and we will be making posters to help with this. We are also looking forward to making biscuits and cakes that we can sell to raise money which will help us to adopt a class animal from the World Wildlife Fund. On Friday we are looking forward to sharing lots of animal themed activities with the children as they take part in our Wear it Wild Day.


In our Maths lessons we will be starting off by focusing on doubling and halving. The children will be completing lots of fun doubling activities, such as painting dots using cotton buds and folding their paper in half to double the dots they have painted. We will also be doing some focus work doubling and halving different amounts of sweets. We will then move on to look at shape and pattern again. Try the 2d and 3d shape activities that we sent home at our Termly Learning Conferences in February to help prepare your child for this unit of work. Following on from our shape and pattern work we will be learning about addition and subtraction. Then at the end of the half term the children will be learning about money. Try looking at the money that you have in your purse. Does your child recognise all the different coins?


In our Literacy lessons we will be continuing to apply our phonics learning and our tricky word learning to help the children to write sentences. You can help at home by going through our phonics sounds regularly and by encouraging your child to blend the sounds together. Try going over the sounds you were given at our Termly Learning Conferences to help with this. The games given out are also good fun so please do try to play these with your child if you can too.


Our topic about animals will focus on animal patterns for the second and third weeks of this half term. We will be comparing different animal patterns and we will be learning how and why animals camouflage themselves. Following on from this we will be learning about the story of Noah’s Ark before we spend the last week weeks starting our Lifecycles topic.


At the end of the half term we will be learning about the celebration of Easter as part of our Lifecycles work. We will be visiting St Margaret’s Church in Wolston to help us with this learning. Please remember to send in your child’s permission slip if you have not already done so.


As mentioned above we will be writing to you in our weekly newsletter soon to tell you the date of our next Sharing Afternoon. It will be near the Easter holiday and we will be planning lots of lovely Easter themed activities for you to complete with your child in school.


We will be continuing to visit the woods this half term so please look out in our weekly newsletters as we often ask if any parents or carers would like to join us.


If you have any questions about any of our learning or need to talk to us anytime about your child please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are looking forward to seeing you again and sharing another half term of exciting learning.

Look at all the lovely things we have been making in Reception!

We made Chinese dragons to celebrate Chinese New Year.

We made Chinese numerals out of sticks in the woods.

Having fun in our Music lesson!

We made some split pin animals! They were quite tricky to join together.

Getting creative in Reception.

Look what we made using natural materials!

We had to balance the ingredients with 1 egg to make cakes in our Maths lesson.

We used split pins to make our Stick Men.

We used the playdough to make repeating patterns.

Fun inside and outside the classroom.

Children in Need: the children looked brilliant in all of their outfits.

Thank you for coming to our Parents' Sharing Afternoon!

Try Dough Disco at home by following this link. All you need is a little pot of dough...


Try this website for great games and resources.

Try these fun phonics games.

This is the link to Phonics Play interactive games.

This is the link to our Jolly Phonics song. Please take a look at home.

Espresso is a fantastic resource that we use all the time in school. There are lots of games to play and short phonics videos to watch. 

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