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PGL 2019


The children had a fantastic time at PGL this year. They spent quality time with each other and supported each other so nicely when it came to their own personal challenges. We were so proud of each and every one of them. It was a great way to celebrate the year and all of their achievements!

Check out our jam packed itinerary:

Space Camp 2019

Space Camp 2019...Mission Accomplished!!! 

What a fantastic experience it was, every single child was intensely involved in spacey science all evening and it was great!! Well done Year 5, you were super Space Cadets! 

Have a look at all the space activities and the memories the children made!


Mrs Apostol's rocket launch practise.

(See the clip below)



This morning we launched a rocket but it didn't stay airborne for long enough, and lacks design, your challenge is to design and create a rocket which can stay airborne for as long as possible.

You will need to consider what materials you will use, how you will attach them, whether or not you will attach a parachute to delay the landing and whether your rocket will be aerodynamic enough to stay airborne for longer than mine!

Your bottle needs to be a 2 LITRE BOTTLE

Have your rocket ready for the Space Camp launch! 🚀


Mrs Apostol's rocket launch practise

Still image for this video

Well done to all those children who entered the Space Camp logo design, it was great to see so many of you get creative and produce such fantastic ideas!


The winner of the Binley Woods Logo Henry from Year 5!



The winning logo will be used on all Space Camp t-shirts, certificates and documents.

WELL DONE HENRY! it is, a professional designer has turned your amazing logo design into a digital format ready for print!



Space Camp 


We successfully launched our third Space Camp at Binley Woods Primary School with the support of the Shine Trust.


Space Camp is a programme of residential experiences that can be run in schools and immerse pupils into the amazing world of Space Science. The inspirational theme easily links with many areas of the curriculum and provides a wealth of fabulous learning opportunities that will ensure that these are experiences that will create memories that last a lifetime. As well as enriching the Science Curriculum it links themes to Art, English, Maths, Drama, PE, PSHE, Computing and Technology.


Mini Space Camps are one night, school based Science themed residential activities, so no travel or accommodation costs, but nevertheless an exciting and memorable experience for children of all ages.


Our aim is to provide mini camps, with a programme to progress in science learning and identified areas of Space Science and Astronomy. We hope to also find live future space events occurring around our mini camps such as Rosetta Mission, New Horizons Probe passing Pluto, Light Sail Project, Dragon X rockets and of course the awesome British Astronaut, Tim Peake heading out to the ISS and make the most of topical learning opportunities and the inspirational stories and resources that are regularly becoming available.


The Mini Space Camp model is straightforward. The children go home at the end of the school day to have their dinner and then their parents bring them back to school with their kit bag in the early evening around 5pm. As they arrive they are allocated a tent (all named after space missions) and they have some time to set up their beds and unpack. The children then participate in a range of activities over the evening always including astronomy observations, a Science Lab session, a Creative Challenge and some physical Astronaut Training. The children often have an Astronomy Ambassador come to visit from the local University and then they end their evening with a Space Cinema event. It is a very busy evening and they all fall asleep very quickly.


Space Camp really gives us the opportunity to spend time with the children, enabling them to ask questions of us and our specialist visitors and discuss their own ideas about the cosmos. Each camp ends with an assembly where all of the parents/carers are invited into school and the children share their best bits as well as their new learning – a great opportunity for building their confidence when speaking in public.







Binley Woods Space Camp Itinerary - 2019


Go home as normal


Enter Binley Woods Space Centre, welcome, fire & safety, camp rules


Rocket launching – Outer Space


Space themed activities - Indoor Space

Space engineers - there’s a leak!

Astronauts making rockets

Speed engineering challenge

Space landing

Moon buggy drive

Constellation projector

Exciting experiments – Guest physicist


Space Cadet reenergise time

Star gazing

Camp fire, songs & hot chocolate



Brush teeth, wash, PJ’s & sleep


Wake up, brush teeth, wash & get dressed

Tidy & pack

Eat breakfast


Watch remaining film


Register for a new day…Yay!




This is a typical kit list for a 1 night Space Camp. All this kit should fit into a holdall or rucksack.

All kit must be clearly named.

 Sleeping bag

 Roll Mat (Not needed for 2017) No airbeds please

 Pillow

Soft toy

 Pyjamas 

 Wash kit – toothbrush, toothpaste, non spray deodorant &

small towel

 Clothes for next day -Space Camp t-shirt and uniform bottoms

 Clean Underwear and socks for next day

 torch

 Warm jumper/Fleece

 Warm coat, Hat, Scarf and gloves

 Water bottle (drink)

 Camp blanket (optional)


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