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Welcome to Year 1

Miss Dogan, Mrs Walker, Mrs Good


This half term our topic is called 'Aliens Are Coming'. This has an English and Geography focus. We will be keeping our eyes out for aliens, going on alien hunts and hopefully communicating with aliens! We will become familiar with giving directions-verbally and written and we will become confident in knowing our right from our left as well as becoming familiar with other directional language, such as North, South, East and West.


In Maths we will be continuing our work in addition, subtraction and partitioning number. We will be looking at shape and rotation.  In our daily Maths Meetings we revisit all our knowledge in maths including time, months of the year, number facts, shape and so on...there is so much to remember and it's amazing how much we know already!


In English we will be learning to use adjectives in sentences with capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We will continue to use our phonics knowledge when spelling. Some of our key texts include 'Beegu' and 'We're off to look for Aliens.'

In Phonics we will continue to consolidate sounds from phase 2 and 3 and will learn new sounds in Phase 5.  We will also be practising using our phonic knowledge to write words and also practise reading and writing 'tricky words' such as  what, when, saw, they, come, there.


Here are the tricky words we are learning this year.


Image result for Year 1 tricky words


In Science we will be learning about senses.

We will Identify, name, draw and label basic parts of the human body and say which part of the body is associated with each sense. We will find out what differences our tongues can taste, what we can hear using our sense of hearing, how we can explore the world using the sense of touch and discover which smells we love and hate.



In Core Skills we will be focusing on Developing Independence and Responsibility. Please write down any new achievements they have mastered at home to share with the class. All of the children develop at their own rate so it would be nice to celebrate their achievements in class when they happen at home, this way we can support each other and spur other children on. Here are a few examples to get you started: getting dressed totally independently, tidying up their room, getting their clothes out ready for their day, brushing their teeth all by themselves, zipping up their coat, getting their bag ready for school etc... Please fill in a Wow card with a description of what your child has achieved for your child to share in class.


P.E is on Thursdays and Fridays this half term, so please make sure the children have their P.E kits in school.


I know this half term will be filled with lots of exciting new learning.

Weekly Letters

Maths games to help with number skills

Letters and Sounds games to help with phonics


Breaking down words

Learning and Achieving Together
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