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Welcome to Year 1

Miss Dogan, Mrs Walker, Mrs Good


We hope you've had a lovely week off and that the children are rested and ready for another busy half term full of exciting learning!


Starry Night


Our theme this half term is called ‘Starry Night’. During this theme, we will spend our History lessons investigating significant people and events in space travel. In our Art lessons we will be researching Vincent Van Gogh and his style of art before trying to replicate one of his most famous pieces, “Starry Night”. We will also be using musical instruments to compose and perform our own space music.

In English this half term we will start by watching a short animation and will use this as a stimulus to learn about and practise using question marks, description and speech marks. We will then move on to investigating information texts about the moon and space. We will identify and discuss the features of information texts and then carry out our own research before pulling all of our learning together and creating our own fact files about the moon. Towards the end of the half term we will be exploring some space poetry, looking out for adjectives and rhyming words before writing and performing our own poems.


Phonics and Spelling

In Phonics this half term we will be recapping our Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds and will be trying to apply all of our sounds in our independent writing. We will also continue to learn different ways of writing the same phonemes and different ways of pronouncing the same grapheme through the exploration of sound families. We will also continue to practise reading and writing tricky words and will try to remember to use these in our independent writing.

High Frequency Words



In Maths this half term we will be practising skills across three main areas. We will start off by looking at Addition and Subtraction within 20, exploring concepts of comparison and difference. We will be representing and using number bonds then using this learning to read, write and solve one step problems. We will then move on to Fractions, recognising, finding and naming a half and a quarter as one of two or one of four equal parts. Finally we will focus on Measures, investigating length and mass. We will be comparing, describing, measuring and recording whilst solving practical problems.



In Science this half term we will be asking “Can you see me?” whilst investigating light and dark. We will be exploring what we need to be able to see and thinking about what we could do to make things easier to see at night. We will also be creating shadows and then discovering how we can change the shape and size of them. We will finish off our learning by comparing sources of light and reflection. 


P.E. and Forest School
PE this half term will continue to be on Thursdays and Fridays and Forest School will be as normal on a Friday. Please can we ask that all children have the necessary kit in school on these days as otherwise they miss out on important learning. Forest School will go ahead in all weather conditions and we would be grateful if you could support us in this by ensuring children bring in warm clothing along with hats, scarves and gloves. Waterproofs are provided by school if and when necessary.


Core Skills

In Core Skills the whole school will be focussing on developing a sense of self worth and understanding of self and others. In Year One we will be trying particularly hard to use simple coping strategies when encountering a problem and use simple strategies to help us calm down with some help.


Show and Tell

Show and Tell this half term will continue to be on a Thursday afternoon and the children will take it in turns each week. I will continue to write which group’s turn it is on the weekly letter every week. Please could I remind everyone that Show and Tell is a speaking and listening exercise and if children choose to bring something in then it needs to be linked to our learning and they should be ready to talk about their item and answer one or two questions about it too. Achievements from outside of school, such as dancing, football, gymnastics awards are always welcome!


Home Learning
This half term weekly homework will be sent home on a Thursday, collected back in and reviewed on a Wednesday and will be as follows:


Maths – Schofield and Sims book – 2 pages
Reading – 3 times a week with an adult along with discussion using question bookmarks and completion of activities from the grid.
Spellings – Daily practice using the look, say, cover, write, check method.


Thank you for your continued support

If you have any questions about any of the information above or about your child’s learning and progress I am always happy to chat at the beginning or end of the day. If this isn’t possible then please do make an appointment with the office and I’d be glad to speak with you another time.


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