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Please send a pic of you and your mum/grandma/nan holding their plant pot.




 Mrs Apostol, Mrs Vickers & Mrs Milbourne



I hope you have all had a lovely relaxing half term and that the children are ready for some exciting learning over the next few weeks.



Our current theme is: 


The Lady of Shalott is our theme for this half term. The study of the poem and independent research will give children an insight into life during the Medieval Times, the Round Table, King Arthur and Camelot. We will be analysing the poem and using this as a stimulus for art, drama and writing. Our visit to Compton Verney will hopefully inspire the children to produce some imaginative paintings in the same style as John William Waterhouse.



We will continue to read the end of Wonderstruck and continue with reading the children’s choice of book Thornhill by Pam Smy and will use The Lady of Shalott as a stimuli for writing their own poetry. Children are expected to be able to apply their writing skills across different types of writing -fiction and non-fiction - so we will make sure they have plenty of opportunity to write and edit to improve their writing. They will be considering characterisation for the Knights of the Round Table. They will have opportunities to research the Arthurian Knights of the Round Table such as: Merlin and Sir Lancelot and practice other writing skills such as letter writing, diary entries and a short story with a historical setting.

We will look at Neil Gaiman's Sleeper and the Spindle;

 this is a richly illustrated modern fairy tale that blends the stories of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. The children will become familiar with the tale and the characters and will begin to write their own fairy tale version.





The children will be recapping on perimeter, area and volume of different shape. We will then move onto conversion of standard measures. The children will develop their understanding of parts of circles (radius, diameter, circumference) and will then move onto ratio and proportion. We will then revise any areas the children feel they need further support on such as fractions and percentages.




  Science- ‘All Change’

In this module children develop their knowledge and understanding of changes to materials. They will recognise that some changes such as melting, evaporation and dissolving are reversible while other changes are non-reversible, including burning and production of rust or a gas as the result of a chemical reaction. Children use specific scientific vocabulary as they describe, explain and communicate their understanding of how materials change. Working scientifically, children will observe and compare changes that take place over time in a variety of different contexts, such as when making toffee, rusting metals or burning a candle. They will plan and carry out fair tests to investigate more systematically non-reversible changes that they observe. They will use a variety of ways to report and present their findings to an audience.



  PE is timetabled for Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Tuesday's sessions will be tag rugby and your child will require 2 carrier bags for their shoes and clothes as they will no doubt get muddy.

Thursday's session will be indoors and will require clean dry trainers.




Maths - As last half term, children will be given maths homework, which will reflect what the children have worked on that week or will be random SATs style questions. I will provide the answers for parents, so please take a look and check that your child is on the right track with their answers-If your child really struggled please do note it down on the top of the page so we can support your child further.

Reading - It is important that children provide evidence of reading at home, and it really helps if they have the opportunity to read aloud to an adult. Please encourage your child to ‘speed read’ with expression, then ask them questions to make sure they still have good understanding of the text. This will help them with stamina and speed for the SATs. Reading records will be looked at weekly, please ensure your child has their reading book and reading record in school; we do have volunteers who will listen to the children read so it is essential that they are prepared and have these books daily.

Reading comprehension – please support your child with their comprehension homework. Whether they complete it independently and you mark it together using the answers provided or talk about each question and guide them with their answers. It is much more beneficial to ‘talk’ through these answers. The more discussion about the type of question, and what type of answers to give the better. Can your child retrieve information from the text quickly? Why not challenge them to a speed challenge? For example: ‘Find and point to the sentence that mentioned the girls blue socks.’ Time them and see if they can beat their personal best time. Repeat this a few times after reading also, this will increase their speed in retrieval questions, which will support them even further in the skills required for their SATs.

Spellings – Please do help your child to learn the 10 spellings every week. When they are tested they should be achieving at least 80% if they have made the effort to learn them. Test them a few times to make sure they are secure and perhaps check again Sunday evening.

Revision-your child has a user name and password for, Times Tables Rockstars and Spelling Shed. As a school, we pay for these fantastic resources. PLEASE encourage your child to use them regularly – they have had such a positive impact on the children who use these sites regularly; the increase in their confidence and progression has been super!




Picture 1

Sewing in preparation for selling decorations at the Christmas Fair.



This is a great website for fast learning. It pops up quick questions and gives explanations if you don't get the correct answers.








The Lady of Shalott


King Arthur Facts

How to write an autobiography

Non-Chronological Report ideas:


English Resources






Theme & Science


Who was Charles Darwin?




Charles Darwin

BBC Bitesize

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