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Welcome to Year 4!


Mrs Clarke

Ms Dunn and Mrs Harbour


Spring 1 Learning



We will have a whole day thinking about chocolate at the very start of our theme.  We will be tasting various chocolate bars and will be giving our opinion about the wrappers and, most importantly, the taste!  We will collect data from children in our school about their favourite chocolate bars and will be creating graphs in our books and on the computer.  We will find out how chocolate is made - from bean to bar!  We will also be finding out about the history of a famous British Chocolate Factory near our school - Cadbury!




In English we will be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have lots of great activities planned and will be learning how to be a writer from Roald Dahl. We will also be looking at persuasive writing. We will be trying to persuade an audience to buy our new chocolate bar we have invented. Finally, we will be debating whether we should eat more chocolate or not.

In Maths we will be securing our multiplication facts. We will identify patterns in the different multiplication tables and see if there are any similar pattern across the tables. We will also be learning about fractions this half term. We will recognise fractions in different representation and will be able to find equivalent fractions. Towards the end of our unit we will be adding and subtracting fractions.


Reading Homework grids will be coming home during our first week and our new homework booklets are available now for the next term.  We will collect these books in weekly to ensure that the children are completing an activity a week as this is a homework expectation for all children.  


We will be looking at changing states in our science lessons this half term. We will be figuring out what solids, liquids and gases are and will be able to describe them and give examples of each. We will be doing lots of different experiments to show the properties of each state. We will be then looking at how we can change states by evaporation, melting and freezing. Finally we will be discovering what the water cycle.



A few reminders!

PE – Lessons will be on a Wednesday afternoon. Children will need to have a full PE kit in school during the week. This includes:

House colour T-shirt

Black Shorts/joggers


Earrings to be taken out or taped up

Reading – we encourage daily reading and discussions. Please record in the reading log and bring into school every day. Also, reading activities in the homework books.

Spelling – Weekly spelling rules and words to be learnt at home. We will have a ‘speed spell’ activity during school on these. The rules and words will be put on the weekly letter. Please can log books be in school every day.

Maths homework - We will be using the homework activities that link with our Maths Mastery lessons in school. There will be a meeting about this on Monday 17th September for Year 4 and 5 at 6pm till half 6 by Mrs Loxton.

Water Bottles - children will need a water bottle in school. 


Please see the website for weekly letters and other information.


If you have any questions about any of this information please do not hesitate to come and see us.

We had a great day exploring the Italian culture. We made home made cheese and tomato pizzas (which were yummy and better than Domino's!). We learnt some key phrases so we could talk to an Italian person and also made some famous Italian landmarks. A fab day!

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