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Welcome to Year 3

Mrs Summers, Mrs Adams and Mrs Harbour

Autumn Term 1-Bright Sparks

We would like to welcome both you and your children back to Year 3 after the summer holidays. We hope that you all had a relaxing break and that the children are raring to go and excited about all the new learning we have ahead of us this year.


This half term the topic is called ‘Bright Sparks’, which has a Science focus, looking at light and electricity. We will have a go at making our own circuits with switches and then we will be using what we have learnt in our Design and Technology lessons to create our own house, with a simple circuit, for one of the three little pigs to live in! This links to our English lessons where we will be looking at the text ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’. We will also be thinking about conductors and insulators as well as uses of electricity in our Science lessons. In our History lessons we will be exploring what life was like without electricity and how electricity began. In fact our wow in to the topic will be our ‘Day without electricity’! The children will transported back to the Victorian times and will have to work by (LED!) candlelight as well as working in groups to make their own wind turbine that will then be used to lift a weight.


In Maths this half term, the children will be learning how to recognise the place value of each digit in a three digit number. They will also be learning how to read and write numbers up to 100 in numerals and words; they will then use this to solve number problems and practical problems. We will also be exploring different calculation strategies using number facts and place value. In addition to this, we will be learning how to add and subtract amounts of money to give change, using both pounds and pence.


In English we will be learning to retell stories in more detail and take part in discussions about books. Also we will learn how to express our preferences about books. In our writing we will be looking at texts such as, ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’ and explore how to describe a character. We will progress to writing our own short stories with a clear structure. Related to our science learning, we will learn to write an explanation text about electrical circuits.


In our Core Skills curriculum we are focussing on the unit ‘Learning with Others’. We will choose targets that are relevant to the needs of the children in Year 3.


P.E- P.E lessons will be on a Monday and Wednesday this term. However, sometimes there may be unforeseen changes in the timetable which could mean that P.E. would have to move to a different day. Therefore, it is best if your child brings their P.E. kit in on a Monday and leaves it in school until Friday to ensure that they do not miss out on any P.E. lessons. If you are unsure of the house colour T shirt that your child needs, please ask. Please ensure that your child has suitable footwear (trainers) for this as well as some jogging bottoms as it is getting colder outside! The indoor kit of shorts, house group T-Shirt and pumps are also still required. Can I remind parents that the only earrings that children are allowed to wear are studs. These will need to be removed/covered over before starting P.E lessons. Please bring in tape/plasters so that this can be done quickly and efficiently ensuring that the P.E lesson starts on time. As well as this, girls should wear black shorts and not shorts with a skirt over the top as this could impede them when playing sports/on the equipment.


Home learning-Homework will be handed out on a Friday and will need to be due back on a Wednesday

Reading- Please continue to read with your child at least 3 times a week. Please write a comment in your child’s reading record book when you have read with them. The children will also receive reading tasks which they will need to complete and hand in at the end of the half term in their green reading homework books. Year 3 will be starting the Accelerated Reader program later on this term-More details of this will follow nearer the time.

Spellings- The children will be given a spellings book to take home with them on a Friday. These will contain spellings from the statutory Year 3/4 spelling list (see attached sheet) as well as spellings from their daily spelling lessons to practise. Please ensure their spelling book is always in school on Fridays.

Maths- The children will be expected to complete at least one section per page from the Schofield and Sims Maths books but are obviously free to complete more if they wish. They will need to continue with the workbook which they were working on last year. Please ask your child to let us know if they are nearing the end of their workbook so that we can order them the next one. If a new workbook needs to be ordered this will be at a cost of £3.50.


If you have any queries or questions about any of this information please do not to come and see us. We are really looking forward to this exciting term of learning and we hope that your children are too.

What have we been doing in Year 3?.....

What have we been doing in Year 3?..... 1 Great fun dressing up for 'No Electricity Day'!
What have we been doing in Year 3?..... 2 Showing us circuits they'd built

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