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Curriculum Implementation


Our curriculum is taught in individual subjects. History and Geography are our ‘driver subjects’ and we use the themes taught in these subject areas to engage and immerse the children in their learning. We make explicit links between subject specific domains to allow our children to make connections across and between areas of the curriculum. It is also important to us that children are aware which subject domain they are studying in lessons and that they understand what it means to be a Historian, Scientist or Mathematician amongst others.


Knowledge and skills are built over time through well-sequenced long-term and medium-term planning. We ensure children have the opportunity to revisit taught concepts, recapping and building upon the learning they have already taken part in. This helps with retention and the depth of their understanding. In some subject areas, we have carefully chosen schemes of work that fit with our curriculum intent and the ambitious aims we have for our children.


Throughout all the subjects that are taught, there is an emphasis on developing vocabulary and language so that children can articulate their knowledge and understanding, thoughts and ideas – talking like experts! The vocabulary children learn builds over time and is planned carefully as part of our curriculum progression.


Each subject has its own curriculum intent and implementation strategy which sits within the intent of the curriculum as a whole.  Core subjects of English, Maths, Science and Computing are organised in units of work that make connections and links to other subjects.  Foundation subjects are organised within half-termly themes. Some subjects are blocked so that children can become immersed in their learning. We ensure these blocks draw upon the learning that has happened in other areas of the curriculum, making direct links and revisiting and layering taught concepts.


Class teachers challenge all children in a manner that is inclusive and meets the needs of all, so that all children are able to achieve and grow.  Additional support is given to any children who need it, including children with special educational needs.  We have high expectations for the children and our own teaching so that children can thrive in a classroom that balances support with challenge. 

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