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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Mrs Clarke and Mrs Harbour


Autumn Term 


This term we will be learning all about those Rotten Romans and will be finding out what they were really like.  We will look at how the Roman Empire began and find out the impact the Romans had on Britain.  We will find out who Boudicca was and also learn somethings about the Roman Gods and Goddess.  We will then learn about Gladiators and Roman Soldiers and imagine what life would be like for these people.  Finally, we will look at Roman houses and the other inventions the Romans created.  In our art sessions we will be looking at a variety of Roman mosaics and look at the designs and patterns.  We will then look at some printing techniques and have a go to design and complete a large printed mosaic style picture. 


In our English lessons we will be linking our reading and writing with our theme.  We will start with learning some Roman Myths and Legends.  Romulus and Remus is a great story describing how Rome came to be.  We will be taking part in some drama to help us understand the story and to get to know the characters.  We  will eventually write our own story creating some fantastic and mysterious beasts and some heroic brave characters.  We will also be reading a book called 'You Wouldn't Want To Be A Gladiator!'.  We will find out what it was like to be a gladiator in Roman times and will consider whether we could be a gladiator - or not!      

In Maths we will be focussing on reasoning with 4 digit numbers.  We will be finding more or less than a number and will be doing activities to explore place value.  We will be ordering and comparing numbers beyond 1000 and will be rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and a 1000. 


PE will be taught on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The children will need to come dressed in their PE kit for those days. 

They will need: -

· School sweatshirt or cardigan

· Polo top – either their house group colour or their white school polo top.

· Black tracksuit bottoms or suitable black leggings

· Clean training shoes



Please contact me if you have any queries about this term. 

Many thanks,

Mrs Clarke

We work with a company called SEND Supported at school and they are releasing newsletters each week offering support and guidance to parents of children who many have additional needs in school. Please find below a link to these newsletters:

There are also lots of other resources and information available on their website. The 'Things to do Issue 2 - Resources' file has some lovely activities for all children regardless of whether they have additional needs or not. There are lots of great visual puzzles and games for children to play so please have a look if you can. There are also resources available now to support with developing children's memory skills in 'Thing to do Issue 3 - Resources.'

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