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Implementation of MFL

French is taught from years 3-6 once a week, using the learning programme ‘Language Angels’, which ensures that the children focus on all four areas of the languages curriculum: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The scheme has been chosen as it teaches the skills required in a fun and easy way to follow. It is clear to see how the lessons build on from each other, starting with the substantive knowledge of single words and building to conversations at the end of topics. The scheme is ambitious and will challenge the children to push themselves when learning another language, working not just on their oral skills but also their reading, listening and writing skills. The scheme is progressive, not only across the topic, but also across year groups.  In order to assess the children's understanding of each unit, the last lesson is an assessment in which the children apply their newly developed skills.  We link French teaching to themes taught across the curriculum, for example, the Romans and World War Two.  This allows them to explore the French language within an area of learning that they are familiar with and interested in. Using this scheme, it is very clear to see the prior knowledge being used to help with other lessons. An example of this is the sentence stem for saying whether you like or dislike fruits in Year 3 being used again in Year 6 to talk about the subjects you like or dislike and why.

As part of our enrichment programme, we celebrate the European Day of Languages in September, where children across the school explore the theme of language, not just French, but other languages spoken across Europe, and also by those languages spoken by our children in school.

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