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European Languages Day

This Monday 26th September was European Languages Day. The school was a flurry of excitement and each and every class was busy learning about a European country. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were enthused about learning about another country.

In Reception,  the children looked at France and tasted some French delicacies such as croissants. In year 1, it was Germany. The children made their own flags, made playdough pretzels and then tasted the real thing! The children also learnt a well-known German rhyme ‘Mein hut hat drei ecken’.

In Year 2, the children had a fantastic time exploring Spain. They looked at the geography of the country, made traditional Spanish fans and tasted yummy churros with chocolate dipping sauce. The children even practised some flamenco dancing.

The journey took year 3 to Ireland where they learnt to count to 10 in Gaelic, as well as words such as hello, goodbye, welcome and yes and no. The children then explored the Geography of Ireland and were able to share some great facts that they’d learnt in assembly such as the tallest mountain in Ireland and the rivers there.

In Year 4, the children looked at Portugal. They looked at facts about Portugal and completed a fact file. After tasting traditional Portuguese custard tarts (Pastel de nata), they researched about one of Portugal’s most famous people, Cristiano Ronaldo. In the afternoon, the children learnt how to introduce themselves in Portuguese as well as counting to 10.

Italy was Year 5’s chosen European country. The children made focaccia bread from scratch, which was a big hit (and smelt delicious!) As well as this, the children researched about the Geography and culture of Italy.

In Year 6, the children explored Ukraine. The children made three different types of traditional Ukrainian bread: Pampushky (garlic bread), Paska (a sweet Easter bread) and palyanitsa (a traditional hearth baked bread). There were wonderful smells wafting through the KS2 corridor! As well as this, the children discovered some facts about the Ukraine and also finished the day by listening to the winning Eurovision song contest entry.

All in all European Languages Day was a fantastic success at Binley Woods Primary.

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