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Year 5 Brinklow Trip

In Year 5 our Geography topic in Autumn 2 is called, ‘Can we map a local settlement?’ The settlement we learnt about was Brinklow and we spent the day there. During this fieldtrip, the children used a map and a compass to navigate around the village, linked features to prior learning in History (e.g. the Fosse Way), visited landmarks such as the Motte and Bailey, church and other places they had identified on their map before the trip. We even climbed the Motte and we could see why the castle was built there because there was such a brilliant view of the Fosse Way from the top (have a look at our group photo- we were all very pleased to reach the top!). As the children navigated their way around Brinklow they were also drafting their own sketch maps of Brinklow ready to complete a final version when they returned to school. Throughout the trip the children were thinking about the features of land use and considered: Why people settled there? Why do people choose to live there now? How has land use changed over the years? The children even spotted that some houses were named after a shop that they once were! After a brilliant day in Brinklow, we all then navigated our way back to school on a beautiful cross-country walk. The children did fantastically well and certainly did some steps! What a great day we had and what a fabulous village Brinklow is.

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