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Curriculum Intent


Our curriculum is designed to ‘grow every child’ both academically and personally. Our values are woven through our curriculum and our focus is to develop the whole child as they move through our school. We want our children to gain strong foundations in learning, explore who they are and begin to discover where their passions, skills and talents lie. 


We ensure our teaching is tightly sequential, building the knowledge and skills children need to move onto the next step of their education and lives. Our curriculum fulfils the statutory requirements and coverage contained within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2. 


The children in our care are challenged to achieve the highest possible standards across all areas of learning, making progress towards their goals and achieving their best. We make deliberate links across curriculum areas to ensure learning is engaging and immersive and so children make connections between subject specific domains.


Our school values its place within the Binley Woods community, and our curriculum ensures that children learn about our community, utilise it in their learning and, in turn, have opportunities to positively impact the community they live in. We also want our children to have an understanding of their place in the wider and global communities and we give them opportunities to understand their place in the world and the positive impact they can have on it.


Enrichment opportunities strengthen our curriculum and help ensure our children have a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.  A broad spectrum of whole school enrichment days and events are planned into the school year.  Children also have the opportunity to take part in a range of cultural and educational trips, visiting places such as the theatre, museums, galleries, a nature reserve, science centres, historical buildings, religious places of worship and of course our woods.  These are vitally important as they enable every child to engage in rich experiences, aid memory, make learning connections and see their learning in a context beyond the classroom.


We want our children to leave Binley Woods Primary School with the knowledge skills and values they need to grow and the strong foundations they need to keep on growing as individuals. 


To understand our intent for each subject in our curriculum, how we implement the curriculum and the impact that we aim for, please look on the subject pages.  


Growing Every Child
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