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A high quality and engaging curriculum prepares all of our children for an active and healthy life. At Binley Woods Primary School, our intent is for children to master a range of physical skills and apply them in a range of physical activities and sports. They will learn that, through practise and repetition, they can become increasingly fluent in a particular movement or skill. Children will gain the knowledge to assess their own performance and the performance of others and this means that they also know how to learn and improve. Competency is learnt over time and every child achieves their own high standard. 


We understand how physical health is explicitly linked to mental health. P.E. is often taught as part of our integrated curriculum. It encourages strong connections to other core and non-core subjects. In addition to these well-planned P.E. teaching and learning connections, we encourage the development of our school values which are the roots of all our learning throughout school; kindness, self-belief, curiosity, resilience, respect and partnership, which fosters the personal development of every child.   


Our Forest Schools curriculum is taught across the whole year in Reception and for one half term across the year in KS1 and KS2.  Our aim is to help the children at our school on their journey to experience nature, which will foster a love for our natural planet. We will guide the children to understand the importance of looking after the planet and every creature within it. The skills and the values that the children gain from this helps them in other aspects of their learning, for example how to work in partnership with others and how to manage risks to become more resilient. 

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