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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Mrs Roberts,  Mrs Milbourne and Miss Hayden


This half term


Our theme this term is called 'Fire! Fire!'.

This is a history focused theme and children will learn all about the Great Fire of London. We will learn about what life was like in 1666, the events of the great fire, and what happened afterwards towards rebuilding London. We will be thinking hard about whether it was a good or bad event in history. 




A busy half term for English – the children will be learning about: information texts, looking at the different features of an information text such as a contents page, title, subheading, picture and caption. They will also be writing learning about the diary of Samuel Pepys and writing their own diaries. The skills we will be focussing on are using contractions such as it’s, don’t, didn’t, adding suffixes to root words such as –s, -es, -ing, -ed, -ly and we will be beginning to write in paragraphs



In Maths we will be focussing on multiplication and division. The children will learn to calculate mathematical statements; understand commutativity;  and solve problems using concrete, pictorial, written and mental methods. We we will then move into learning about fractions; children will learn to recognise, find, name and write simple fractions of objects and quantities; recognise equivalences between fractions. Finally we will learn about money. In this unit, children will begin to recognise units symbols (£, p); explore combinations of money; solve simple problems, including giving change.



For our class books this half term we will be looking at a variety of fiction and non-fiction books around the Great Fire of London, in particular ‘The Great Fire of London Anniversary Edition’. For our class reader we will be reading a David Walliams book ‘Gansta Granny’ together, before moving onto one of the Flat Stanley series. We will, of course, share lots of other, exciting books as a class on a daily basis.



Your child will have a reading book and a guided reading book from the Key Stage 1 library which must be in school every day. There are many opportunities for reading with teachers during the school day so it is important that children do have a book and their reading record in school.


You should read with your child as often as possible during the week at home, we expect that you will write in your child’s reading record at least 3 times a week, this is especially important in year 2.

Home Learning

For spellings, children should practise the words and rules which we are learning in class, you can find these on our weekly letter. The 6 speed spell words are from the Year 2 common exception words which we will be practising as much as we can all year.


For maths, children will have their Schofield and Sims books, which will be collected in and marked weekly.


There will also be a reading grid sent home with different tasks on, we ask that you choose 6 tasks to complete with your child – we will collect these in just before the half term holiday to have a look at all the wonderful learning you have been doing at home.




 PE is currently timetabled for Wednesday mornings, children should have a white T shirt, shorts/trousers and trainers/plimsolls in school every week.


The children will also be taking part in Forest Schools on Thursday afternoons. They should have trainers/wellies, trousers and a jumper/coat that you don’t mind getting muddy in school every week. 


Please be aware that our cloakroom does not have space for large bags and keeping these bags as small as possible helps your children to keep track of their things.




Resources are all provided for Year 2 children, they should not be bringing pencil cases to school. 


Thank you for your continued support.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information above or regarding your child’s learning and progress, please do not hesitate to pop in and see me at the end of the day or alternatively make an appointment with the office.

Useful Links:


Oxford Owl - provides access to free e-books (You have to create a free account to view them) 


This website is American, but it has some nice phonics and reading games.

This website has lots of great phonics games that your child will be familiar with. 



This website has lots of interactive maths games. 

This website groups games together well and you can search by subject.


This interactive website has lots of information on the Great Fire of London, it has good graphics and is accessible to all children as it has a 'read to me' feature. 

This link is a 'Magic Grandad' episode about the Great Fire of London.




Year 2 Common Exception Words

Our Maths Meeting Sheet - check out the new updated version!

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