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Welcome to Year 2

Mrs Summers, Mrs Mellor and Mrs Parfitt


Year 2 letters
             Autumn 1-Where the bong trees grow

Welcome back to school after such a long and strange period away. Thank you once again for all your support during the period of school closures and we are pleased that we can now welcome the children back and begin Year 2!

To clarify the teaching arrangements for this year, Mrs Summers will be teaching from Monday to Thursday and Mrs Mellor on a Friday.


We have started this week with a lot of wellbeing activities and opportunities to talk about the period of lockdown and any worries that the children may have regarding returning to school and will continue next week with assessments to see where the gaps in the children’s learning are so that we can work on helping to plug these as well as teach what we need to cover in Year 2.


Our theme this term is ‘Where the bong trees grow’ based on the poem ‘The Owl and the pussycat’. This topic has an Art and Geography focus.


English- We will be reading the poem ‘The owl and the pussycat’ as well as other nonsense poems and later will read the story ‘Where the wild things are’ and will focus on descriptive writing and diary writing. We will also be focusing on our phonics, revising Phase 5 ahead of the phonics test which will be taken at the end of Autumn term as the children were not able to take this in Year 1.


Maths-In Maths, we will be focussing on place value for numbers up to 100. The children will be learning how to partition a number into tens and units. We will then move onto addition and subtraction, using manipulatives, drawing maths pictures and using number lines to add and subtract 2 digit numbers. Towards the end of the half term, we will begin to look at word problems and work on the different strategies we can use to solve them. There will be opportunities to go over the missed maths learning from the Summer term in Year 1 to plug any gaps in learning.


Theme-In Art, children will learn about Hokusai and ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’ (linked to pictures of the sea as they will have seen in the poem of ‘The Owl and the pussycat’) and will look at other paintings by the same artists and will have a go at creating their own artwork in the style of Hokusai. They will also create collages and explore real life drawing looking closely at trees.

In Geography, we will be using maps to locate Japan and Mount Fuji and in history we will use timelines to place the time of the great wave in History.


Reading- Children will be given a reading book based on their current book band to read at home from next week onwards (week beginning 7th September) which they will chose from Year 2’s selection of book banded books in the classroom. They will have the opportunity to read in school and should bring that and their reading record in to school. The expectation is for at least 3 reads a week and these should be recorded in their reading records. Ask your child questions about the text that they are reading as comprehension is a key skill as well as the physical reading. Children will have the opportunity to change their books on a Friday and Monday. They should bring in their reading records to be checked on a Friday. If they have read three times they will earn a sticker for their reading bookmark. 


P.E and Forest Schools- P.E for Year 2 will be on a Wednesday and children should come dressed in their P.E kit on a Wednesday- jogging bottoms, trainers and a polo top/white t-shirt and school jumper as their P.E lessons may take place outside. As for Forest schools on a Thursday the children will need to come dressed in their kit- This kit is black jogging bottoms (not leggings), their white school polo top or a plain white t-shirt and their school jumper. They need to wear trainers to school but bring their wellies with them to change into as well and then will take these back home at the end of the day. All children will also need a hooded, waterproof, warm coat as we will be going out in all weather.


Resources- as the children have their own pencil cases provided which are kept in school there is no need to bring in any equipment from home.

Please do not hesitate to contact either of us if you have any questions regarding any of this.

We work with a company called SEND Supported at school and they are releasing newsletters each week offering support and guidance to parents of children who many have additional needs in school. Please find below a link to these newsletters:

There are also lots of other resources and information available on their website. The 'Things to do Issue 2 - Resources' file has some lovely activities for all children regardless of whether they have additional needs or not. There are lots of great visual puzzles and games for children to play so please have a look if you can. There are also resources available now to support with developing children's memory skills in 'Thing to do Issue 3 - Resources.'

This document has links to daily phonics lessons starting from Monday 27th April 2020. This is a great resource to use especially if your child could do with some revision of their year 1 phonics, or you're looking for a structured reading lesson that focuses on phonics. 

Useful Links to Practise Key Skills:


Oxford Owl - provides access to free e-books (You have to create a free account to view them) 


This website is American, but it has some nice phonics and reading games.


This website is currently free with the username: march20 password: home


Your child has an individual log-in for this website. They can play spelling games based on lists of words. I will set 3 spelling lists to practise per week. Try using the code '#710619' to enter a hive game for common exception words! 



Use these links to find an interesting image. What do you think is happening? Can you describe what is happening in your exercise book? Can you write a story about it?


'Mr Thorne Does Phonics' has lots of grammar and phonics short episodes 


This blogger has compiled a list of children's authors with great books to read, each author has a few reading based activities on their website. 


Audible has lots of free audiobooks for children while you're learning at home.


Alphablocks games and some episodes can be found here. 



This website has LOTS of age appropriate maths resources and they have produced home learning packs for each year group with helpful videos and activities for each day of home learning. 

This website has lots of interactive maths games. 


This website groups games together well and you can search by subject.


Times Table Rock Stars - your child has an individual log in for this.


This is a story based maths game which your child can log into with their TT Rock stars log ins.



Other subjects:


This is a fantastic website with lots of videos, interactive activities and printable resources around all the subjects as well as current events. Great for exploring if you want some extra material in your home learning. 


Once clicking this link, choose 'Espresso' from the drop down log-in menu in the top right hand corner. You will receive a username and password for this website. 


This website often has child - friendly news items, and they will be uploading some free content when schools close


With this link you can take a virtual tour around the British Museum, London


This website has lots of activities you can do in the garden, as well a lots of information about animals and plants for research tasks.



Find out information and take quizzes using this link.


These games are the first steps of computer programming, they are very engaging for children. 


This is a typing game for children beginning to learn to type. 


Joe Wicks 'The Body Coach' has a series of 5 minute videos aimed at children. He is also running a 30 minute PE session every morning at 9:00 on his youtube channel, which you should get to by clocking this link. Mrs Roberts will be moving along too..


This is the website that we use for PE at school. You should have your own log-in to get to some great at home PE activities. 


This website has fun movement videos for children

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