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Here at BWP we like to class ourselves as a sensational singing school. We have worked hard to incorporate singing throughout the curriculum. We don't just sing in assemblies, we do have a specific singing assembly once a week where we sing a whole array of songs from different genres and era's, but on top of this we sing in lessons too. We also try and link our themes to various songs and also sing and make fun chants to support us in our learning...check out the maths clip below to get a glimpse of this.


Please take 5 minutes to click on the audios or videos to see how sensational all of our pupils are.

Si si si

We love this song in our singing assemblies! We are singing in three parts and really concentrating on listening to the other parts!

Sing Up Day at Binley Woods!

We had two amazing Sing Up days at Binley Woods School this Year. We celebrated Sing Up day by singing everyone into school with the choir and the choir had a rather amazing celebration Sing Up breakfast beforehand. 

We then had a Sing Up assembly for the whole school. Each class prepared a song to sing and the range of different songs and talented singing was just fantastic. Singing has a very positive effect on us all! Have a listen below to some of the class tracks. Well done to all the children, you were stars! We will try to have all the class songs up here soon!

rather be Year 6.mp3

year 5 highway man.mp3

year 3 see you.mp3

Year 1 Twinkle Twinkle.mp3

stuck in the mud Reception.mp3

Pre School Wise Old Owl.mp3

I am the Earth 
We are currently learning a beautiful and thought provoking song called 'I am the Earth', which is about our amazing planet.  The choir will be performing it with some other schools in Coventry, at the Butterworth Hall at Warwick University in May.  When we have learnt all the words and practised it some more we ill upload it for you to listen to.  
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