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The RE curriculum at Binley Woods Primary School gives our children a good grounding in the different faiths and their beliefs in the school and our wider community. Children gain knowledge of these different faiths along with the skills needed to ask questions and express their own ideas and opinions whilst appreciating that others may have different opinions.  They gain an appreciation of the values and "rules" that underpin different faiths and why these are important to the followers. They will have learnt through tangible experiences, aiding memory and making their learning meaningful. Children will also have developed a robust knowledge of the appropriate vocabulary they need to talk meaningfully about the different faiths and their values.  


Children are able to reflect upon their learning and understand how the school values at Binley Woods Primary School are also part of the values and beliefs of differing religions and beliefs.

The impact of our curriculum is measured through the following methods:


  • Assessing children’s understanding of vocabulary before and after the unit is taught
  • Assessment of pupil discussions about their learning
  • Assessment of how pupils interpret and view the key elements of different faiths
  • Quizzes 
  • Interviewing the pupils about the learning (pupil voice)
  • By scrutinising recorded work
  • Assessment judgements are made termly and data is saved in our data management system enabling us to monitor progress over time.
  • Pupil voice (listening to children discussing their learning) is used to further develop the Science curriculum
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