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Parents of children with SEND

The Family Information Service and Family Support worker team are excellent sources of information for parents and carers if your child has SEND.

In addition, you may find the following links helpful. 

The National Autism Society has helplines on their website for a range of needs.

Children’s Community Autism Support Service gives information on:


  • Understanding what a diagnosis of autism means to a child
  • Maintaining & improving engagement with education
  • Strengthening family relationships
  • Preventing escalation of mental health issues & reducing behaviours of concern
  • Increasing resilience & improving health & wellbeing
  • Developing independent living skills
  • Managing life transitions
  • Accessing the community & socialising

The Curly Hair Project is an organisation that helps people on the autistic spectrum and the people around them, founded by autistic author Alis Rowe. They use fun things like animated films, comic strips and diagrams to make their work interesting and easy to understand!

The following link has some useful information about ADHD.

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