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BWP Curriculum Outcomes

Curriculum Outcomes 

When children leave our school at the end of their journey through primary education, we aim to have worked with families to grow: 


Successful learners who:

  • Have developed a willingness to solve problems and accept challenge as a learning opportunity, reacting to set backs with resilience.
  • Have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to enable them to approach the next step of their learning journeys with confidence and self-belief.
  • Have been nurtured to develop an intrinsic sense of curiosity which gives them a love of learning they can take forwards in their lives.
  • Are ambitious and set challenging goals for themselves to achieve in the near and far away future.
  • Understand the process of learning, the relationship between effort and progress and how to further develop their own talents through a wide range of learning approaches.


Confident individuals who:

  • Understand that their own self-belief and ambition are the key to achievement, recognising that they have the skills necessary to overcome challenges and face up to difficulties.
  • Value themselves as individuals, alongside the contributions of other people around them, understanding that we learn best when we learn together.
  • Recognise that they have knowledge, skills and understanding that are transferable to a wide range of contexts in learning and life. 


Responsible citizens who:

  • Have a sense of kindness, compassion and respect for others which will have a positive impact on the relationships they form and the values they hold dear.
  • Have developed a wider understanding of the world around them and the global society they live in developing tolerance and an appreciation of diversity.
  • Recognise that, through upholding a set of shared values and beliefs, they can contribute significantly to the community where they live and to the wider global community.


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