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BWP Curriculum Outcomes

Curriculum Outcomes 

When children leave our school at the end of their journey through primary education, we aim to have worked with families to grow: 


Successful learners who:

  • Develop a willingness to solve problems and accept challenges as an opportunity,  helping them develop new knowledge, skills and to experience new models for thinking and learning that enable them to approach life with enthusiasm both now and in the future. 
  • Critically analyse their own learning, and set challenging goals for themselves to achieve in the future
  • Understand the process of learning, the relationship between effort and progress and how to further develop their own talents through a wide range of learning approaches.
  • Are able to meet the expectations for learning agreed as a national expectation.


Confident individuals who:

  • Understand that they set goals for themselves in order to plan a route to achieve positive outcomes, recognising that they have the skills necessary to overcome challenges and face up to difficulties.
  • Value themselves as individuals, and value the contributions of other people around them developing their knowledge, skills and understanding of the world in which they live. 
  • Recognise that they have knowledge, skills and understanding that are transferable to a wide range of contexts in learning and life. 


Responsible citizens who:

  • Develop a wider understanding of the world around them and develop tolerance of, and a celebration of differences between themselves and other citizens both locally and globally.  
  • Recognise that through upholding a set of shared values and beliefs that they contribute significantly to the community that they live in and the wider global community.
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