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We work with a company called SEND Supported at school and they are releasing newsletters each week offering support and guidance to parents of children who many have additional needs in school. Please find below a link to these newsletters:

There are also lots of other resources and information available on their website. This week the 'Things to do Issue 2 - Resources' file has some lovely activities for all children regardless of whether they have additional needs or not. There are lots of great visual puzzles and games for children to play so please have a look if you can.

What shall we learn today? Our home learning tasks
Check out this page every day for new home learning tasks. Videos to explain each task  can be found on the Video Resource Centre. Follow the link in the main menu to find this and click on Year 3. Mrs Reed and Mrs Long will also be writing to you via our class blog. This can be found by clicking School Blog on the main menu. You can even login using your special login and leave your own blog post or comment on others!

Weekly Learning Tasks W/B 30th March 2020

Click the link to find this weeks maths project on fractions!

Hello Year 3,

This week your weekly tasks will look slightly different:

Below you will find each day of the week, along with an English and creative task which Mrs Reed and Mrs Long will select from your Weekly Learning Project. Your Maths tasks will be listed as a link to a website called White Rose. By following the link you will be taken to 5 maths lessons, 1 for every day of the week! Each lesson has a video to watch, an activity and the answers. 

You can still try out any of the maths activities from the weekly learning project too if you like! We look forward to hearing all about how you get on via your wonderful blogs.

Mrs Long and I will still be posting videos on the Video Resource Centre, so keep a look out! However, there might not be one everyday, so don't worry if you can't see a new one each morning. Story time with Mrs Reed or Mrs long will be every monday, rather than every day.

We hope this is clear for us all, but if you have any questions we will answer them on the blog. smileyyes

Monday 30th March 2020

Jobs for today...

  1. English: Write a diary entry. Check out the helpful resources below. You can decide if you would like to write about last week, your weekend or today!
  2. Maths: Complete White Rose Lesson 1. This week is all about fractions, look at the posters below which might be helpful to pop up on your bedroom wall or fridge!
  3. Creative: Let’s Wonder!  Draw a map of your local area.
Tuesday 31st March 2020

Jobs for today...

  1. English: Write an information report on your local area. Check out the helpful resources below and additional information on the Weekly Learning Project.
  2. Maths: Complete White Rose Lesson 2. Watch the video and then complete the activities. (Follow the link at the top of this page!)
  3. Creative: Let’s Create: Choose a building you most admire in their local area. Make a model of that building using materials of your choice. (Playdough, junk modelling, lego etc…..) 
Wednesday 1st April 2020

Jobs for today...

  1. English:  Select a building you admire and write a list of questions you would like to ask to find out more information about it. (The task sheets says this should be in your local area but I'm happy for you to include any buildings you admire from around the world!)
  2. Maths: Complete White Rose Lesson 3. Watch the video and then complete the activities. (Follow the link at the top of this page!)
  3. Creative: Be Active: Get out into the garden, pull up some weeds or mow the lawn! Does your garden need a tidy up? Maybe you could plant some seeds, or look up how to make a DIY birdfeeder!
Thursday 2nd April 2020

Jobs for today...

  1. English: Write a story about a visitor or stranger coming to your local area. What happens? Is it a good thing? Or does something terrible happen? Use your imagination..maybe the stranger could be a creature or even an alien!
  2. Maths: Complete White Rose Lesson 4. Watch the video and then complete the activities. (Follow the link at the top of this page!)
  3. Creative: Time to Talk: Were your family members or friends all born in this local area? If not, how is their place of birth different to your own local area? How different is the local area since they were born? This might be a lovely opportunity to speak to older friends or relatives. Let us know how you get on via the blog!
Friday 3rd April 2020

Jobs for today...

  1. English: Can you write a setting description to describe your local area? It might help to imagine you are working for a travel company and are writing an advertisement to encourage tourists to come and visit!
  2. Maths: Complete White Rose Lesson 5. Watch the video and then complete the activities. (Follow the link at the top of this page!)
  3. Creative: Understanding Others and Appreciating Differences: Research different places of worship that can be found in your local area. Can you find your nearest Church? Mosque? Synagogue? Temple? Gurdwara? What can you find out about them? Draw pictures and label them with any information you find out.
Why are we not at school?

These resources may help the people looking after you to remind you why we are not in school like normal. They may also help if you are feeling a little worried or upset. It is completely understandable to feel this way in unusual situations, like the one we are experiencing at the moment. Don't forget talking about your feelings is super important and might help you to feel calm and supported.

If you are missing school, don't forget you can always chat to your friends and Mrs Reed or Mrs Long through our class blog too!

Useful links to support home learning
Mrs Reed and Mrs Long will be setting lots of daily learning tasks to keep those brains active whilst we are not in school. However if you would like to dazzle us with some extra learning, have a look at some of these learning games, activities and videos. They're lots of fun (we promise!), don't forget to share any photos of these activities on our blog, we can't wait to see what you get up to!


Oxford owl, access free e-books from home!

The School Reading List: Recommended reading list for Year 3

Audible are offering free audiobooks for children during this period

Login using your username and password to practise those spellings! 

Message Mrs Reed or Mrs long if you need a reminder of your logins


Look out for updates on inter-class battles!

Mathematical games (Login using your Times Tables Rockstars login, they are on the white sticker in the back of your green reading logs!)

BBC Supermovers : Select KS2 Mathematics to find all of our times tables dances and routines!

Other subjects:

A fun experiment to try at home - find out how soap can repel nasty germs!

Lots of free videos, games and presentations about different topics and themes, see what takes your fancy!

Free resources to help learn more about Science, History and Geography topics

Tune in to Joe Wicks PE session every week day - get your family joining in!

Our trip to the Stratford Butterfly Farm! 06.02.20

Welcome to Year 3

Mrs Reed, Mrs Long and Mrs Brogden

Spring 1


Welcome back! 


We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break and are feeling ready for another exciting term in Year 3!


Our new topic Extreme Earth, will guide our learning throughout the whole of Spring term to allow deep understanding and detailed projects and investigations to take place.


In Maths our new unit of learning will be Multiplication and Division. Throughout this unit we will be:  

  • Exploring properties of multiplication and division
  • Recalling multiplication and division facts
  • Using knowledge of multiplication to divide
  • Solving correspondence problems
  • Deriving multiplication facts
  • Representing problems using bar models


English will encompass our Extreme Earth theme, using the text Escape from Pompeii as our focus for Spring 1. We will be using the story based on the explosion of Mount Vesuvius to inspire detailed character descriptions, third person recounts and even fact files about Roman Theatres.


Our Guided Reading will link very closely to English. This will be an opportunity to explore our key text in more detail in addition to some supplementary texts with similar themes such as: Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo and When the Earth Shakes by Simon Winchester.


In Science our topic is Can you see me? We will be learning about light and dark, reflective materials, shadows and sun safety.


Geography will be our focus throughout spring term, we will have two lessons per week dedicated to exploring ideas related to What makes the earth angry? We will learn about volcanos, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and extreme weather around the world.

In our Core Skills Curriculum we are focusing on Improving our own learning and performance. Once again we will create two class targets with the children linked to this theme that we will be working on specifically in class each day.


P.E lessons will be on a Wednesday and Friday this term, so please ensure that your child has their complete kit on these days.  If you are unsure of the house colour T shirt that your child needs please ask.  Can we remind parents that the only earrings that children are allowed to wear are studs. These will need to be removed/covered over before starting P.E lessons. Please bring in tape/plasters so that this can be done quickly.




  • Please read and discuss the book your child is reading at least 3 times a week.
  • Look out for a new set of home learning activities in your child’s green homework book.
  • Spellings – please see the guidance inside the yellow spelling log books. There is not a test each week on specific words. The children need to practice the spelling rule and the words from the year3/4 list.


If you have any queries or questions about any of this information please do not hesitate to come and see us.


Thank you for your support

Mrs Reed and Mrs Long








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