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Mathematical Language and Communication

Mathematical Language and Communication

The way pupils speak and write about mathematics has been shown to have an impact on their success in mathematics (Morgan, 1995; Gergen, 1995). We therefore use a carefully sequenced, structured approach to introducing and reinforcing mathematical vocabulary throughout maths lessons, so pupils have the opportunity to work with word problems from the beginning of their learning.


Every Mathematics Mastery lesson provides opportunities for pupils to communicate and develop mathematical language through:

  • Sharing the key vocabulary at the beginning of every lesson and insisting on its use throughout;
  • Modelling clear sentence structures and expecting pupils to respond using a full sentence;
  • Talk Task activities, allowing pupils to discuss their thinking and reasoning of the concepts being presented;
  • Plenaries (short activity during or at the end of the lesson) which give a further opportunity to assess understanding through pupil explanations.
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