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Year 5 Viking Day

Year 5 had a brilliant day as Vikings! It was a great end to their History topic, Who Invaded Britain after the Romans Left? A Viking called Gregolf came in to school to teach the children all about Viking life. On the day, the children were given their own Viking name and they started the day by learning all about Vikings’ everyday clothing and objects. The children then took part in a raiders’ session where they compared and contrasted weaponry and armour through the Viking Age.  They even had the opportunity to handle weaponry, make a shield wall and learn how to attack one!  After this, the children took part in a traders’ session where they handled many authentic objects. In the afternoon, the children had the opportunity to play two old Norse games called Kubb and Nine Mens Morris. They were both very fun! The day ended with a Norse myth and storytelling. What a busy and exciting day the children had!

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