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History Curriculum 



At Binley Woods Primary School our History curriculum is designed to ensure that children gain coherent knowledge and understanding of past events in Britain and the wider world. History along with Geography, are our curriculum 'driver' subjects. 


In this subject the children will experience a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum that inspires curiosity and interest in past events. Children will become ‘historians’, they will develop their understanding of how we find out about the past and learn about how this is represented. During this historical enquiry children will demonstrate their developing vocabulary of historical terms both in their written work and during discussions. Children will be actively encouraged to ask questions about what they’re learning, alongside opportunities to demonstrate their developing knowledge when questioned. They will be taught how to make links in their learning as well as developing own opinions and interpretations of historical events.




Our History curriculum ensures that our children:

  • Understand how historical events have shaped the world they currently live in.
  • Retain knowledge and understanding of key periods in History and make connections between current and previous learning.
  • Develop their thinking skills and demonstrate an ability to analyse information and make informed judgements.
  • Develop enquiry skills in order to investigate own interests within a topic
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