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At Binley Woods Primary School (BWPS) we aim to engage children in Religious Education using an enquiry based approach. Children will be enthused by questions which encourage them to think deeply about what faith and beliefs can teach us and the “rules” people follow as part of their faith. They will be taught knowledge to deepen their understanding of a wide range of faiths, promoting tolerance and understanding in the school and wider community. Children will make links to their own lives and experiences and we will support children to reflect on and make links to their own personal experiences at the beginning and end of each topic. We will provide children with memorable experiences and educational visits to places of worship which will positively impact their understanding and create memories that will stay with them for life. Through clearly sequenced planning, children will have the opportunity to revisit past learning, embedding understanding and allowing children to make connections. The development of deep thinking, reflective and tolerant individuals is at the heart of our RE curriculum.

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