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Forest School
What is Forest Schools?
“Forest School is an inspirational
process. Which offers ALL learners
regular opportunities to achieve
and develop confidence, and
self-esteem through hands-on
learning experiences in a
woodland or natural environment
with trees”.
Within a forest school framework
participants are given ownership
over their journey to follow their
interests and develop their
individual learning at their own


Why Forest Schools?
One of the most important parts of
a child’s development is to gain
confidence, resilience, self-esteem
and emotional intelligence. If your
child gains these four
characteristics they will have the
ability to apply these skills in all
areas of the curriculum and in
situations throughout life. It will
enable your child to become a
well-rounded individual.
Forest schools is a developmental
process where your child will gain
these skills and be able to apply
them in many different practical


Why is it important for children to
be outside in a natural

It is exceptionally important for
children to have regular
opportunity to explore nature and
to be surrounded by it.
“No one will protect what they
don’t care about, and no one will
care about what they have not
experienced.” Sir David
Attenborough, President Emeritus,
The Wildlife Trust.
Our aim is to help the children at
our school on their journey to
experience nature, which will
foster a love for our natural planet.
We will guide the children to
understand the importance of
looking after the planet and every
creature in it.


What activities do they do at
Forest Schools?

These are a few activities the
children will take part in at Forest
• Den Building
• Habitat Building
• Learning about wildlife
• Fire building
• Outdoor cooking
• Tree climbing
• Gardening
• Teamwork games
• Outdoor singing
• Scavenger hunts
• Bug hunts
• Exploration time
• Reflection time


A typical forest school session:
Duration 2hrs
Get ready into waterproof trousers,
waterproof jacket and wellington boots.
We will head up to the Forest School site
chanting our Forest School song. Listen
out you might hear us from your house!
Next we will state the forest school code,
before participating in a game and a
skills activity.
We will have outdoor snack time, making
sure the children wash their hands using
warm water from a flask and soap.
They will try many different drinks and
Exploration time is really important, this is
when the children can apply the skills
that they have learnt.
Finally we will sit down and reflect on the
We will then return to the school building,
de-boot and waterproof ready for
home time.
Please can you provide:
Wellington boots
Spare Clothes
Wooly Hat, gloves, scarf, sun hat and sun
Thank you! We can’t wait to get

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