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Year Group Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Reception I Wonder... What is Special?I Wonder... What's in the Sky?I Wonder... What's Outside the Window?
Year 1Sci: Everyday materials / Using our senses Sci: Plant detectives / Our changing world – Plants 

Sci: Looking at animals /  

Our changing world – Sensing seasons 

Year 2Sci: The apprentice gardener / Materials – Shaping up Sci: Our Changing world / Materials – good choices  Sci: Take Care – Healthy living / Growing up – What’s in your habitat? 
Year 3Sci: Can you see me? / The power of forces – Magnets Sci: Rock detectives / How does our garden grow – Part 1 Sci: Amazing bodies / How does our garden grow – Part 2 
Year 4Sci: Our changing world / Who am I?Sci: In a State – Properties of materials / Where does all the food go? Sci: Good vibrations – Sound / Switched on – Electricity  
Year 5Sci: Materials / Feel the forces Sci: Circle of life / Reproduction in plants and animals  Sci: The earth and beyond / Get sorted – Materials  
Year 6Sci: Light up your world / Animals including humans  Sci: How humans and animals change over time – Lifestyle and habitats / How plants have adapted to their environment  Sci: Human lifecycles and reproductions / Everything changes – Materials  


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