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We work with a company called SEND Supported at school and they are releasing newsletters each week offering support and guidance to parents of children who many have additional needs in school. Please find below a link to these newsletters:

There are also lots of other resources and information available on their website. This week the 'Things to do Issue 2 - Resources' file has some lovely activities for all children regardless of whether they have additional needs or not. There are lots of great visual puzzles and games for children to play so please have a look if you can.

Monday 30th March - Friday 3rd April 2020. Read the information below for today's learning (Don't forget to check the Video Resource Centre in case there is a new clip)

All week - Maths:

(Learning intentions can just be the title of the task that you're completing)

Each week I will place three 'White Rose' links on this page. One will be Year 6 and the others Year 7 and 8. I think the Year 6 work looks relatively easy and matches the easier tasks I would normally set in class, so wanted to give others a chance to challenge themselves. You can choose which year group task you complete each day. Each task has a 'how to' clip as well, so you have more support.

Even though we are in Week 2 of our home learning, I think we should start with week 1 and continue from there.


All week - Theme to be completed by Friday 3rd April

You can design this on paper or on the computer. You do not need a learning intention.

An Architectural Masterpiece- Design a new building/structure to inspire the residents of your local town or city. You must research, plan, design and then make a model of it using materials from around the house. Create a criteria for success and then evaluate your model against this. (Ask your parents about the materials before using them!)

If you can't actually make it, don't worry, just a design would be great! You could design a theme park or a new shopping centre, or even an arcade.


Monday 30th March-complete by Tuesday 


In English books: To write a diary entry and include key features. (See key features and example documents below for support)

You have two days to complete this task: Write a diary entry about your day or week. Include thoughts and feelings and how your are finding each day. Include things you have done and things you wish you could do. Consider the reader and ensure you use higher level punctuation, vocabulary and conjunctions. 

You may want to write it for a day, but insert different timed entries throughout the day; it's up to you! You may want to plan your diary entry. (See the planning document for support)

Check out the different key features documents to see which one suits you-remember to challenge yourself!

Don't forget to read daily and also listen to Mrs Vickers read more of Skellig, I will be posting 1 audio of Skellig a week. If you want to complete more reading tasks visit the Learning Project document above.

Tuesday 30th March 2020

Maths - Complete Lesson 3 on White Rose

English - See yesterday's learning clip - continue diary entry


Wednesday 1st April 2020

Maths - Complete Lesson 3 on White Rose

English - complete in English books, present your work beautifully as always!


LI: To write an introduction to a story (Setting the scene only)

Watch the Year 6 clip in the Video Resource Centre to find out what the task for the day is. There are some documents/links below to help you make your mind up about which genre to choose. PLEASE make your story exciting laugh


Click the pdf document below for more reminders

Story genre choices-which will you choose?

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Maths - lesson 4 from a year group of your choice.

English - Consider and design the characters from your story. Draw them and label their characteristics/qualities/likes/dislikes/hobbies etc...

Continue to write the remaining section of the introduction and begin to consider the climax (the problem)

Fun extra theme task if you have completed the architectural task - 

Graffiti Art -​ Digbeth is the home to its own Graffiti Art Walk, but has graffiti always been seen in a positive light? How have attitudes towards graffiti changed over time? Is all graffiti good? Discuss these questions with your parents and then design your own graffiti art using paper and crayons or felt tips. I might even have a go myself! Check out this video (click the pic!)

Check out my attempt on the Video Resource Centre.


Friday 3rd April 2020

Maths- complete lesson 5 from White Rose


English- continue story, if you don’t complete it don’t worry you can complete it after the Easter holibobs!😀

Easter break- From Friday at 3:30pm it is officially the Easter break, I will not be setting any homework during this time, however I would like it if you could please read lots. It is very important to have  some ‘down time’ with your lovely family, but if you are getting bored you can always complete your story!

Have a lovely Easter and don't eat too many choccy eggs!!

All of the below will help you with working from home

Click the pics or links for useful websites


Your child has an individual log-in for this website. They can play spelling games based on lists of words. I will set 3 spelling lists to practise per week. Try using the code '#710619' to enter a hive game for common exception words! 



Use these links to find an interesting image. What do you think is happening? Can you describe what is happening in your exercise book? Can you write a story about it?


Audible has lots of free audiobooks for children while you're learning at home.



This website has LOTS of age appropriate maths resources and they have produced home learning packs for each year group with helpful videos and activities for each day of home learning. 



This website has lots of interactive maths games. 



This website groups games together well and you can search by subject.



Times Table Rock Stars - your child has an individual log in for this.



This is a story based maths game which your child can log into with their TT Rock stars log ins.



Other subjects:


This is a fantastic website with lots of videos, interactive activities and printable resources around all the subjects as well as current events. Great for exploring if you want some extra material in your home learning. 


Once clicking this link, choose 'Espresso' from the drop down log-in menu in the top right hand corner. You will receive a username and password for this website. 


This website often has child - friendly news items, and they will be uploading some free content when schools close. 


With this link you can take a virtual tour around the British Museum, London. 


This website has lots of activities you can do in the garden, as well a lots of information about animals and plants for research tasks.


Joe Wicks 'The Body Coach' has a series of 5 minute videos aimed at children. He is also running a 30 minute PE session every morning at 9:00 on his youtube channel, which you should get to by clocking this link. Mrs Roberts will be moving along too..





 Mrs Apostol


Our current theme is: 



We will begin the theme by asking a specific question: 

Why has Brazil got one of the world’s fastest growing economies?


The children will begin by looking at the world atlas; they will locate many European countries and recap on continents and capital cities. Following on from this, they will zoom in on South America and Brazil specifically. We will discuss what we already know about Brazil and its famous people and look at and discover all about Brazil’s fruits and other natural resources that Brazil is famous for. 

The learning will then move onto looking at the street children of Brazil, we will use P4C lessons to ask sensitive questions about how they live, their lifestyles and how it compares to ours. The children should also consider knowledge of their pen pals in Ethiopia and their way of life to make a three way comparison.


After this our learning will take us onto the neighbouring countries of Brazil and the children will create a collage for Brazil considering symbols/colours/resources linked to the country. 

 We will then move onto researching all about the Galapagos Islands and learn how Charles Darwin discovered them. The children will research the various species found on these islands. The children will then write a biography about Charles Darwin as well as a non-chronological report about their chosen animal/bird/reptile. 


We will finish the unit with a Brazilian enrichment day where the children will design and create an animal/bird/reptile which needs to adapt to live in the Northern hemisphere rather than the Southern. The children will have the opportunity to share their collages/explosion books and celebrate their knowledge gained from the unit with their parents.  






Next term we will link most of our English written work to the famous book Skellig, by David Almond. The children will cover a variety of genres including: persuasive letters, diary entries, narrative stories and poetry.  Parents will be invited in to support the children in making Skellig sculptures in the style of Alberto Giacometti. The children will design their sculpture using recycled materials.


We will then move onto Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick where the children will create even more pieces of high quality writing linked to the text including: persuasive holiday brochures and descriptive narratives. The children will learn which key features to include and will also use high level vocabulary and punctuation.



In Maths the children will continue to learn more about fractions. They will then move onto a block all about shape including coordinates to describe positions as well as plotting shapes in the four quadrants and translating and reflecting shape. We will also recap on length and capacity and recognise the conversions for various units. Then we will focus on long division and will answer problems based on time. We will recap on all areas learnt so far this year during Maths Meetings so the children are constantly reminded of various skills learnt.




Please can you help your child to make sure they have their reading book and reading record (green book) in school every day. Your child should read as frequently as possible during the week at home, ideally to an adult at least 3 times a week which you can record/sign in the green book, this should be followed by the questions on the bookmarks which were given at the Termly Learning Conferences.


Home Learning


-Comprehension practice sheet which will need to be completed every week. (Due in on Wednesdays)

- x10 spellings in the yellow Spellings Log Book  (learn by Wednesday)

- Schofield and Sims (1 page per week, due in on Wednesday)

-(Marvellous Mathematicians - maths question sheet-normally linked to booster session)

- Optional: An activity on website (your child knows how to access this and knows their log in details)


Extras: Times Tables Rockstars and Spelling Shed. As a school, we pay for these fantastic resources. PLEASE encourage your child to use them regularly – they have had such a positive impact on the children who use these sites regularly; the increase in their confidence and progression has been super!



PE is currently timetabled for Tuesdays and Thursdays but children should have their kit in school everyday. The children will be taking part in REAL PE with Mrs Vickers and benchball with Mr Mann.




It is expected that children in Year 6 bring key resources into school-they must have a fully equipped pencil case every day. Items such as a hand-writing pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, crayons would be useful to have in their pencil cases. Having their own resources helps develop their sense of responsibility and independence and means they can start their learning with morning work as soon as they arrive in school. Please ensure your child has a notebook which will be used daily to take notes for revision.


Thank you for your continued support.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information above or regarding your child’s learning and progress, please do not hesitate to pop in and see me at the end of the day or alternatively make an appointment with the office





SATS weblinks for games and revision

Watercolour Robins inspired by Michael Morpurgo’s Coming Home

Picture 1

Our Ethiopian pen friends made us some beautiful braids

WW2 trip: Cathedral, Transport Museum & Herbert Art Gallery

Picture 1







This is a great website for fast learning. It pops up quick questions and gives explanations if you don't get the correct answers.







A multitude of Math's games to stretch your knowledge

or reinforce your understanding

Non-Chronological Report ideas:


English Resources






Theme & Science

content arriving soon

M&S Persuasive technique



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