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 Mrs Apostol


Our current theme is: 

Out of this World


We hope you have had a lovely relaxing summer and that the children are ready for a busy term ahead in Year 6!

Our theme this term is called 'Out of this world!' This is all about Space and everything related to it, from planets, spaceships, aliens and asteroids to the history of Space and the important findings of Space exploration

and special events linked to Space History. 



A busy half term for English – the children will be learning about: journalistic writing with a focus on the moon landing; writing non-chronological reports based on our topic; writing biographies and autobiographies of some famous people. We will complete our half term’s learning with a unit on poetry.




In Maths we will be practising skills across all areas, with a focus on: place value of numbers up to 10,000,000; rounding of numbers; mental and written calculation methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and mental arithmetic. We will kick start the term with an ‘Inspirational Week of Maths’, where the children will consider multiple ways of investigating and presenting mathematical concepts.



Our first class read of year 6 will be: 'Wonder' by R.J.Palacio, this is a fantastic book with true values bouncing off every page. It's a book which I'm sure will hook every child in. It has also recently hit the cinema screens too, which has also been a huge success. Click the link to find out more: 

 Your child should have a reading book  from home or from the school AR library, this must be in school everyday. There are many opportunities for reading during the school day so it is important that children do have a book in school. Your child should read as frequently as possible during the week at home, if possible to an adult at least 3 times a week – this is still important in Year 6! Please ensure all reading is documented in their reading record, and please also ask your child questions about what they have read. Please refer to the comprehension book marks which directs parents to questions you could ask to improve their inference/deduction/summarising/vocabulary...skills.



Home Learning

For Spellings, children should practise the rules which we are learning in class, but there are also words from the National Curriculum Years 3/4 or 5/6 spelling lists which children need to know. These will all be sent home in a log book and we will work our way through the list weekly. 

For Maths, children will be asked to complete either half a page or a full page of their Scofield and Sims maths homework book. The amount set will be given by Mrs Apostol. Each child will be assessed during the first week so we can order the correct book for their level. You will receive a letter about this soon. 

Your child will be given comprehension homework weekly, your child will read a text independently and answer the questions relating to the text.

 Encourage your child to read lots, perhaps visit your local library and search for an exciting book that interests your child together. Investigate Audible books, although the children aren’t actually reading the text, the listening skills required is a great way for them to imagine the scene/characters. Read to your child aloud, even in Year 6 and beyond, having a book read to you is such an enjoyable experience, children need to have expression modelled to them as much as possible-this is proven to improve vocabulary knowledge and their own reading skills. Comprehension homework will be given weekly.

Extras: Times Tables Rockstars and Spelling Shed. As a school, we pay for these fantastic resources. PLEASE encourage your child to use them regularly – they have had such a positive impact on the children who use these sites regularly; the increase in their confidence and progression has been super!




PE is currently timetabled for Tuesdays and Thursdays but children should have their kit in school everyday. The children will be taking part in gymnastics as well as training to be an astronaut! This will include finding out about how real NASA astronauts train and they will follow some of their training routines and activities.




It is expected that children in Year 6 bring key resources into school-they must have a fully equipped pencil case every day. Items such as a hand-writing pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, crayons would be useful to have in their pencil cases. Having their own resources helps develop their sense of responsibility and independence and means they can start their learning with morning work as soon as they arrive in school. Please ensure your child has a notebook which will be used daily to take notes for revision.







Picture 1



This is a great website for fast learning. It pops up quick questions and gives explanations if you don't get the correct answers.







A multitude of Math's games to stretch your knowledge

or reinforce your understanding





Non-Chronological Report ideas:


English Resources






Theme & Science

History of Space- know the timeline

BBC Earth and Space

Man on Moon

Apollo 13 facts 

Tim Peake answers your questions

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