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Welcome to Year 5

Miss Fowler,

Miss Jones and Mrs Harbour

Home Learning During School Closure 

We work with a company called SEND Supported at school and they are releasing newsletters each week offering support and guidance to parents of children who many have additional needs in school. Please find below a link to these newsletters:

There are also lots of other resources and information available on their website. This week the 'Things to do Issue 2 - Resources' file has some lovely activities for all children regardless of whether they have additional needs or not. There are lots of great visual puzzles and games for children to play so please have a look if you can.

Everyday open the 'Learning Tasks' document to see your tasks for the day. Remember to check the 'Video Resource Centre', as some days there might be a video to help you with your learning too.  

Useful Links to Practise Key Skills 





Oxford Owl- provides access to free e-books (you have to create a free account to view them) 




Your child has an individual log-in for this website. They can play spelling games based on lists of words. 






Use these links to find an interesting image. What do you think is happening? Can you describe what is happening in your exercise book? Can you write a story about it?


On the Pobble 365 website, there is a different image everyday for you to use. If you click on 'Pick a Day' in the right hand corner of the Pobble 365 website you can select an image from any day. 




This blogger has compiled a list of children's authors with great books to read, each author has a few reading based activities on their website. 


Audible has lots of free audiobooks for children while you're learning at home.


KS2 Bitesize English is a fantastic resources to revise SPAG, different types of text and reading.




This website has lots of age appropriate maths resources and they have produced home learning packs for each year group with helpful videos and activities for each day of home learning. 



Maths Mastery have produced lots of fantastic free resources for children to use at home.






This website has lots of interactive Maths games. 


This website groups games together well and you can search by subject.





Times Table Rock Stars - your child has an individual log in for this.




This is a story based maths game which your child can log into with their TT Rock stars log ins.


Other Subjects:


This is a fantastic website with lots of videos, interactive activities and printable resources around all the subjects as well as current events. Great for exploring if you want some extra material in your home learning. Children you can watch the '60 Seconds News' following this link (the same as we watch in class!). 


Once clicking this link, choose 'Espresso' from the drop down log-in menu in the top right hand corner. You have been given, in the front of your exercise books, a username and password for this website. 


With this link you can take a virtual tour around the British Museum, London. 






This website has lots of activities you can do in the garden, as well a lots of information about animals and plants for research tasks.



Find out information and take quizzes using this link.




These games are the first steps of computer programming, they are very engaging for children. 




This is a typing game for children.


Joe Wicks 'The Body Coach' has a series of 5 minute videos aimed at children. He is also running a 30 minute PE session every morning at 9:00 on his YouTube channel (The Body Coach).




This website has fun movement videos for children

Spring Term- Rainforests

Why should the rainforests matter to all of us?



Our theme this term is called, ‘Rainforests’ and is Geography based. Over the course of the 12 weeks, our geography lessons will based around different questions in order for us to have a deepened understanding and be able to answer our overarching question, ‘Why should the rainforests matter to all of us?”.



In Geography lessons, the children will begin the unit by locating the most well-known rainforests on a world map. They will then learn 15 interesting facts about the rainforest and make questions based on the facts to quiz another pair in the ‘Chase Game’ with a view to creating class rainforest champions. The children will then learn in detail about the four layers of a rainforest. The children will then learn about deforestation and arguments for and against. Following this, they will learn about endangered species in the rainforest and will research and make a compelling case for saving the endangered species. Next, the children will recognise the enormous size of the Amazon and know exactly where it is located. They will then learn about the people that live in the Amazon rainforest and the unique plants there. In Art, the following week, the children will use Henri Rousseau’s work as inspiration to create their own rainforest art piece. To finish the unit, the children will present a documentary on a day in the rainforest to reflect upon what they have learned. If you have anything we could borrow for our ‘Rainforests’ working wall please children bring it in (research, pictures, maps etc.). It would be greatly appreciated and the children love to learn from this wall. Thank you.



In English this half term, the children will be focusing on persuasive texts, biographies and non-chronological reports. We will start by looking at the key features of persuasive texts and we will then be making a persuasive leaflet for Compton Verney. We will then move on to biographies and we will be writing a biography about William Shakespeare. Finally, we will be reading 'Bear Grylls Survival Skills: Rainforest' and making our own 'Bear Grylls Survival: Rainforest' non-chronological report in the style of a leaflet. Throughout the half term, we will be reading 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell and analysing the vocabulary used and answering comprehension questions. 




In Maths this half term, we will be finishing our topic ‘Angles’, where we will be learning to estimate and compare acute, obtuse and reflex angles, draw given angles and measure them and identify angles at a point. We will then move on to our next topic ‘Fractions, Decimals and Percentages’, where we will learn to add and subtract fractions, recognise the per cent symbol (%) and understand that per cent relates to ‘number of parts per hundred’, and write percentages as a fraction with denominator 100, and as a decimal. Finally, we will start a topic called ‘Transformations’ which will involve identifying, describing and representing the position of a shape following a reflection or translation.





In our Science lessons, this half term the children will be starting a new topic called 'Reproduction in Plants and Animals'. The children will be learning how flowering plants reproduce, how amphibians and insects reproduce and how mammals and birds reproduce.  





P.E. lessons this half term will be on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. However, sometimes there may be unforeseen changes in the timetable, which could mean that P.E. would have to move to a different day. Therefore, it is best if your child brings their P.E. kit in on a Monday and leave it in school until Friday to ensure that they do not miss any P.E. lessons.




Home Learning

All homework, including spellings, will be given on Friday and will be due to be handed in on Wednesday (apart from spellings, which need to be learnt by Friday). Spelling books should be in school daily.


  • 6 weekly spellings. Please ensure their spelling books are in school every Friday
  • Maths Mastery book
  • Please continue to read with your child at least 3 times a week.


If you have any queries or questions about any of this information please do not hesitate to come and see me.


We are really looking forward to this half term and hope the children enjoy our exciting new topic.

Learning and Achieving Together
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