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Speaking and Listening

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Speaking and Listening 

Our children love to share their ideas. We help them to think about how they communicate with others, and how to express themselves effectively. Listening to others and developing ideas through the spoken word is a key part of effective learning. Children need to be able to articulate their thoughts using a wide range of vocabulary, in order to write well. Reading is a key part of this as well as the knowledge they acquire across the curriculum. Parents play a hugely important role in the development of their child’s spoken word. Reading and conversation at home, as well as talking about experiences can really enhance a child’s vocabulary and confidence.

Speaking and Listening 

‘The way we communicate with others and ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives,’ Tony Robbins. 

At Binley Woods Primary School, we believe that it is vital that our children have experience of and develop a rich command of spoken vocabulary and language so that they express their opinions and articulates their feelings in a wide range of situations. We intend to develop their listening skills so that they can soak up the many forms of language and literature around them and respond appropriately in conversations, discussions, in answering questions and following instructions. Good speaking and listening will help develop their group participation and social skills and develop their confidence to speak audibly and present their ideas in front of different audiences. 

An effective command of speaking and listening feeds directly into effective reading and writing and all forms of meaningful communication. 


How it is taught

  • Regular speaking and listening activities are embedding in the planning of our English curriculum 

  • Challenging and appropriate vocabulary is at the forefront of all our teaching 

  • Teachers model formal language, high level vocabulary, good sentence grammar in all interchanges with children 

  • How to listen and active listening is taught and modelled throughout each lesson in each day but also using fun activities to develop good listening. 

  • Discussion time is promoted in Class Learning Forum and during assemblies 

  • Children are encouraged to work in groups and use collaborative speaking and listening skills 

  • Drama and performances  

  • Pupils are given an additional voice through school and eco councils 

How it is assessed: 

  • Teachers make formative judgements within lessons 

  • Assessments are recorded using O Track. 

Progression in Speaking and Listening Skills

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