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At Binley Woods Primary School, we recognise the importance of Science as a core subject and, as such, it is given weight in our curriculum timetabling. We want our Science curriculum to promote a sense of excitement in our children and a curiosity about the world around them. We want our children to understand how scientific discoveries are made and the impact and potential these can have in our world.


Our Science curriculum carefully builds children’s knowledge, understanding and skills as they move through school. In the Early Years, our children will gain a rich understanding of the world around them, utlising the beautiful grounds and surroundings our school enjoys. Children will be taught a wide vocabulary linked to their experiential learning. This will underpin their scientific learning journey through primary school and form the foundations of their lifelong understanding of their world.


Throughout their time at our school, we want our children to revisit and make links between key themes (substantive knowledge). These themes will be revisited and extended as the children move through our well-structured curriculum. Our children will also be taught how scientific knowledge is acquired (disciplinary knowledge) and have many opportunities to learn through experimentation and testing, making their learning rich and meaningful.


Our lessons explicitly include opportunities for children to learn the scientific vocabulary they need to articulate their knowledge and understanding of scientific processes. Children will be encouraged to make links with other areas of the curriculum. For example, they will be encouraged to make links to maths when measuring data and recording, computing when devising charts/tables and writing skills e.g. using the passive voice, when recording their work.

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